How to create Linked server from SQL Server to Azure SQL Database

Here in this blog, we are going to demo how to configure Linked server from on-prem SQL Server instance to Azure SQL database. I will have a reference to this blog in my subsequent blogs that will soon be available for Dynamic Data Masking & Cross database/server queries. 

We have taken example of two databases, Database1 (Copy of AdventureWorks 2019) as Azure SQL database & Database2 hosted in On-prem SQL Server Instance. In this demo we will be querying Database1 tables in the context of Database2.  


Database1: Azure SQL database 

Database2: SQL Server Instance on-prem 


Here is the sequence of steps that you need to follow to configure Linked Server using SSMS tool. 

Step-1: Connect to SQL Server Instance in SSMS tool and go to Object Explorer. Expand the Server Objects, right click on Linked Server and create a New Linked