PASS Summit 2023 – Microsoft Keynote – Limitless growth, limitless opportunities: Data and innovation in an AI world


CEO of Redgate: Jakub Lemik:

This year’s theme is Connect, Share, and Learn. Tomorrow will be 

People are here from 44 countries. The summit has 5 tracsk, 232 sessions with 231 speakers!

43% of attendees are first timers!

Thank you sponsors! (Image coming soon)

Next year’s Summit: 4-8 November 2024!

Vice President of Azure Databases: Shireesh Thota

Community is important to making this all work. Azure Data Community: 150000+ members, 172+ user groups, 44 countries! 

Microsoft loves your feedback!

Showing a history of Microsoft SQL Server. Either the crowd is quite, or not a lot of people here worked with