SQL Server BDC Hints and Tips:​​ TEMPDB​​ Disk Usage

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I was troubleshooting​​ a​​ master-0 pod eviction​​ due to​​ disk pressure. ​​ 

The pod was​​ shutdown

Ephemeral space reclaimed (85% to 73%) –​​ Deleted unused images from the node​​ (I.E. docker image purge …)

The pod was started​​ and master-0 came back online

Right after the restart I saw the disk space usage drop to​​ 38% but​​ found​​ no events in the journal or other logs indicating how the additional space was​​ acquired. ​​​​ Looking at the disk metrics I was able to map the time​​ of​​ the disk​​ space increase to the startup of SQL Server, specifically TEMPDB.


The TEMPDB had grown large,​​ prior to the restart​​ (auto