PolyBase Generic ODBC – Error calling: SQLSetDescRec – The driver does not support this function.


When trying to query an external table created for a generic ODBC external data source, the following error can be observed:


Message 7320, level 16, state 110, line 87

Unable to execute query « Remote Query » against OLE DB provider « MSOLEDBSQL » on link server « (null) ». 105082; Generic ODBC error: OdbcBufferReader.ReadBuffer, error in OdbcReadBuffer: SqlState: IM001, NativeError: 0, ‘Error calling: SQLSetDescRec(this->GetHdesc(), (SQLSMALLINT)column->idxServerCol, (SQLSMALLINT)column->odbcReadType, 0, column->valueLength, (SQLSMALLINT)column->precision, (SQLSMALLINT)column->scale, (SQLPOINTER)(pBuffer + column->valueOffset), (SQLLEN *)indPtr, (SQLLEN *)indPtr), SQL return code: -1 | SQL Error Info: Error <1>: ErrorMsg: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The driver does not support this function. | Error calling: pReadConn->ReadBuffer(pBuffer, bufferOffset, bufferLength, pBytesRead,