SQL Server: OS Error 665 (File System Limitation) and Linux

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I have previously tested and blogged about the NTFS, sparse, file system limitation error 665: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/psssql/2015/06/10/operating-system-error-665-file-system-limitation-not-just-for-dbcc-anymore/ when running DBCC or using Snapshot databases with SQL Server.


Recently a customer asked me if they would encounter the same limitation if they moved to Linux. The answer is not the same limitation and for EXT and XFS my testing and research confirm that a sparse file on Linux may be able to accommodate more fragments than on NTFS.


This paper details XFS storage format and structures: http://ftp.ntu.edu.tw/linux/utils/fs/xfs/docs/xfs_filesystem_structure.pdf– Specifically the theoretical limits table section. In theory an XFS file can