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Bridging Snowflake and Azure Data Stack: A Step-by-Step Guide

Publié le 3 juin 2024 sur

In today’s era of hybrid data ecosystems, organizations often find themselves straddling multiple data platforms for optimal performance and functionality. If your organization utilizes both Snowflake and Microsoft data stack, you might encounter the n …


Powershell and SQL on the River

Publié le 1 juin 2024 sur

We are having a conference in Chattanooga, TN on Aug 16 and 17, the primary topics of which are clearly in the name of the conference! We have 3 tracks, and one of the tracks is for ANY topic (technical/professional is probably better, but I am excited …


[Video] Office Hours: 16 Questions

Publié le 31 mai 2024 sur

Like Sixteen Candles, but different: I go through your top-voted questions from Strangely, my video and audio is ever so slightly out of sync in this episode. 00:00 Start 01:26 GuaroSql: Hey Brent! How are you? It is ne …


Publié le 31 mai 2024 sur

Overview In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the PostgreSQL Union, Intercept and Except operators to combine result sets of two or more queries. These operators helps to combine result sets of two select statements into a single result . UNION …

SQL Bulk Insert Command Examples

Publié le 31 mai 2024 sur

The post SQL Bulk Insert Command Examples appeared first on SQLServerCentral.

Coming in Entity Framework 9: Better Query Parameterization

Publié le 30 mai 2024 sur

Hallelujah. With current versions of Entity Framework, when developers add a mix of parameters and specific values to their query like this:async Task<List<Post>> GetPosts(int id) => await context.Posts .Where( e => e.Title == « .NET B …

This Is It! The Last 3 Days of My Anniversary Sale.

Publié le 29 mai 2024 sur

Every year in May, I look back at when I first registered way back in May 2001. Things were so different back then. I struggled trying to find fun, interesting ways to learn about Microsoft SQL Server. My learning options were really dry …

Enhancing Web Application Performance through Database Optimization: A Comprehensive Study

Publié le 29 mai 2024 sur

Introduction In today’s digital age, web applications serve as the backbone of online services, catering to a myriad of user needs ranging from e-commerce transactions to social networking interactions. However, the success and usability of these appli …

Updated First Responder Kit and Consultant Toolkit for May 2024

Publié le 28 mai 2024 sur

If you’ve hard-coded installer file names, there’s a big change in this release. There are now just 2 installer scripts: Install-All-Scripts.sql, and a new Install-Azure.sql, which only installs the scripts that are compatible with Azure SQ …


Snake draft sorting in SQL Server, part 4

Publié le 27 mai 2024 sur

In the previous posts in this series (part 1, part 2, part 3), I described how I have optimized a long-running set of routines by processing databases, tables, and even subsets of tables in parallel. This leads to many separate jobs that all kick off a …


SQL Server Temporary Stored Procedures

Publié le 27 mai 2024 sur

The post SQL Server Temporary Stored Procedures appeared first on SQLServerCentral.

What is new in Copilot, the new features available

Publié le 27 mai 2024 sur

Introduction to copilot In Bing, you can now see a Copilot option. In the past, we had Bing Chat. Now, it was changed to Copilot. In this article, we will see what is new in Copilot. When was Copilot introduced in Bing? The rebranding of Bing Chat to C …

Manage Elastic jobs in Azure using Azure Elastic Jobs Manager

Publié le 24 mai 2024 sur

Microsoft Azure offers the Azure Elastic Job agent as a managed service, enabling efficient scheduling of T-SQL workloads on Azure SQL Databases. Similar to the SQL Server Agent job Wizard in SQL Server Management Studio, Azure Elastic Jobs Manager str …

Takeaways from Data Grillen 2024

Publié le 24 mai 2024 sur

Before anyone tries to order something online from and thinks it will be delivered by them by STOP. The content of this article is, of course, about the annual, legendary and unique event called Data Grillen, helt in Linge …

Okay, About That Thing.

Publié le 23 mai 2024 sur

In some of the Query Exercises posts here, you might have noticed links over to similar query exercises at, and the free read-only version of the Stack Overflow database I’m hosting there. I’ve held off the questions for l …

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