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Getting started with SQL 2019 big data cluster in Azure

Publié le 17 janvier 2019 sur

Installing and connecting to SQL 2019 big data cluster How to fix SQL Server disk I/O bottlenecks (without a hammer)In this new article, Simple-Talk editor Tony Davis explains step-by-step how to find and fix the root causes of disk I/O bottlenecks, in …

How to Prevent Common SQL Server Performance Problems Efficiently With Smart Capacity Planning

Publié le 17 janvier 2019 sur journey to sqlauthority

Have you ever imagined how often SQL Server performance issues are actually caused by poor capacity planning? Sometimes a SQL Server database has insufficient storage performance, an instance is running out of memory, or the server level CPU is skyrock …

SQL Server Perfmon counters that are still interesting in 2019

Publié le 16 janvier 2019 sur

“Page Life Expectancy? That belongs in a museum!“ (Cross-posted from the PASS Blog.) Years ago, my first go-to tool for performance tuning was Performance Monitor: it was available everywhere, worked in all versions, and gave me a lot of us …

Using T-SQL to find the Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) for any number of integers

Publié le 16 janvier 2019 sur

In this tip we look at T-SQL code that can be used to determine the greatest common divisor for a set of integers.

Pages and Extents: Stairway to SQL Server Indexes Level 4

Publié le 16 janvier 2019 sur

We’ve now seen how indexed and non-indexed tables perform in queries, and established « logical reads » as the metric for query performance. Now it is time to explain why logical reads are an excellent metric and also explain what is actually being read.

SQL SERVER – Export Data From SSMS Query to Excel

Publié le 16 janvier 2019 sur journey to sqlauthority

Today’s blog post is actually a follow up of my earlier blog post SQL SERVER – Copy Data From SSMS Query Result to Excel. In the earlier blog post, we had discussed how to copy data from the resultset. In this blog post, we will discuss how …

How to Load Test a Database Application

Publié le 15 janvier 2019 sur

I stay in the nicest hotels It sounds really simple: Capture a bunch of production queries Replay those same queries over in a load test environment So what’s the big deal? Why is it so hard to find good guidance on how to pull this off? How hard …

Implementing Stretch Database.

Publié le 15 janvier 2019 sur

Learn how you can enable the Stretch Database feature in SQL Server 2016.

New Preview of SQL Server Management Studio Available for Download

Publié le 15 janvier 2019 sur

On September 24th Microsoft released the first Community Technical Preview for SQL Server 2019, which was CTP2.0. At the same time Microsoft pushed out a new preview for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) known as version 18. Now is the time to downlo …

Oracle to SQL Server Data Migration and Replication – Budget and ROI

Publié le 15 janvier 2019 sur journey to sqlauthority

My primary job is to help various organizations design scalable architecture which can provide robust performance all the time. I love my job very much when I have complete freedom to make the decisions to build elaborate infrastructure. However, not e …

The Importance of Database Compatibility Level in SQL Server

Publié le 14 janvier 2019 sur - glen berry

Prior to SQL Server 2014, the database compatibility level of your user databases was not typically an important property that you had to be concerned with, at least from a performance perspective. Unlike the database file level (which gets automatical …

Using the DAX Calculate and Values Functions

Publié le 14 janvier 2019 sur

The series so far: Creating Calculated Columns Using DAX Creating Measures Using DAX Using the DAX Calculate and Values Functions If you should ever start reading a book on DAX, you will quickly reach a chapter on the CALCULATE function. The book will …

The 2019 State of Database DevOps

Publié le 14 janvier 2019 sur

All the latest insights on DevOps adoption rates among SQL Server Professionals, with a foreword from Donovan Brown Principal DevOps Manager at Microsoft. Read the report to understand the challenges – and the opportunities – of adopting da …

Introduction to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Publié le 14 janvier 2019 sur

The AWS Elastic Beanstalk feature is a web application provisioning service that allows you to automatically scale as needed. In this article, Gerald Bauer explains how to set up and configure Elastic Beanstalks through the AWS dashboard and Visual Stu …

The SQL Server LAG Function

Publié le 14 janvier 2019 sur

The LAG function can really improve performance over the old double JOIN.

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