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PASS Business Analytics Marathon (March 2017)

Publié le 24 mars 2017 sur

The next edition of the live event PASS Business Analytics Marathon will be on March 29, 2017.This edition of Business Analytics Marathon will consist of five webinars on the following topics:Data Driven StorytellingData DiscoveryPower BIThe sched …

5 Signs Your SQL Server Isn’t Wearing Pants

Publié le 24 mars 2017 sur

We see a lot of SQL Servers. During our sales process, prospective customers run sp_Blitz on their SQL Server, and we talk through the results. I see a lot of horrifying stuff. Over time, I’ve built up a pretty good sense of signs that a SQL Serv …

SQL SERVER – Jump in Identity Column After Restart

Publié le 24 mars 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

The SQL Product team makes a continuous change in the product which sometimes causes unpredictable behaviors in the SQL Server engine. One of such change was done in SQL Server 2012 which caused the behavior which I just said in the subject line Identi …

Upgrading to SQL Server 2016: New Data Privacy and Security Features

Publié le 23 mars 2017 sur

Thomas LaRock, Head Geek, SolarWinds Released last June, Microsoft SQL Server 2016 has been available for about eight months, even longer if you were using one of the CTP versions as far back as 2015. Now well into the New Year, if they …

From The Mailbag: DBCC CHECKDB And Read Only Databases

Publié le 23 mars 2017 sur

We got an email!!! It was weird. It was from an Australian, and it was right side up. I could hardly believe it. Normally we encourage people to ask us questions during Office Hours, or over on Stack Exchange. That way lots of people can benefit from t …

Comparing Space Usage for Different Compression Types

Publié le 23 mars 2017 sur

This is an investigation, to get an impression on the impact of the used disk space before and after compression considering different index types.

Getting Started with Azure SQL Data Warehouse – Part 2

Publié le 23 mars 2017 sur

Arshad Ali discusses the architecture of Azure SQL Data Warehouse and how you can scale up or down, based on your need.

SQL SERVER – AlwaysOn Listener Error – The WSFC Cluster Could Not Bring the Network Name Resource With DNS Name ‘DNS name’ Online

Publié le 23 mars 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

I can tell you how many times I have heard about this error. This can appear in any of the situation where SQL needs to create a cluster network name resource in the WSFC Cluster. Here are the two situations I can think of: Installing SQL Server Failov …

Parsing Denormalized Strings with the STRING_SPLIT Function in SQL Server 2016

Publié le 22 mars 2017 sur

There is a new string parsing function available to you if you’re dealing with SQL Server 2016 databases. read more

Please Blog

Publié le 22 mars 2017 sur

My name is Andy and I’m a blogger. I encourage you to blog, too. Why? Because you know stuff. I need to learn some of the stuff you know. You’ve experienced stuff. I’d like to read your experiences – again, to learn from them. O …

Why Developers Should Consider Microsoft SQL Server

Publié le 22 mars 2017 sur

I know, I know, I’m biased because I’m a SQL Server guy. Hear me out, though, and I’ll give you both sides. The Good It’s stable and mature. SQL Server has been out for forever, so it’s easy to find blogs, videos, books, a …

Follow-up #1 on leading wildcard seeks

Publié le 22 mars 2017 sur

Aaron Bertrand shows how to implement simple triggers that maintain trigram-type tables used for better supporting wildcard searches.

Webinar: how to get started with DevOps

Publié le 22 mars 2017 sur

More and more teams are turning to DevOps as way to improve the efficiency and quality of software delivery but it’s not always clear what’s the best way to get started. Redgate have invited Steve Thair, CTO of the DevOpsGuys, to share some pract …

Continuous Delivery and the Development DBA

Publié le 22 mars 2017 sur

How to do database development with trunk based development and Continuous Delivery

SQL SERVER – 10 Questions Where YES May Be a Wrong Answer – Performance Health Check

Publié le 22 mars 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

Today’s blog post created from a recent conversation with one of my customers. They asked me a very interesting question – “When should they hire me for my famous Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check?“. I send them fo …

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