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PowerShell Invoke-SQLCmd outputs DataTables you can INSERT into SQL Server

Publié le 3 février 2017 sur

Aaron Nelson explains how you can take an existing SQL query, run it against a SQL Server and then take the results and save them to a different SQL Server without using Linked Servers.

Is your SQL Server remote?

Publié le 3 février 2017 sur

If the answer is yes, this survey is for you. Redgate is looking at building solutions to the issues associated with remote SQL Servers. They want to know your pain points, and whether there’s anything they can do to assist. If you think you could help …

SQL SERVER – Error: 566, Severity: 21 – An Error Occurred While Writing an Audit Trace. SQL Server is Shutting Down

Publié le 3 février 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

Have you ever been in a situation where SQL Server shuts down by itself? It sounds strange but I met across a gentleman in flight who reported this issue to me. Since I was curious to know the cause, we exchanged our business cards. Once I came back ho …

SQL Server DBA’s Guide to the Gitlab Outage

Publié le 2 février 2017 sur

This week, developer tools company GitLab had a serious database outage. The short story: An admin was trying to set up replication The site had an unusual load spike, causing replication to get behind While struggling with troubleshooting, the admin m …

Using SUMMARIZECOLUMNS instead of SUMMARIZE in #dax #powerbi #ssas #tabular

Publié le 2 février 2017 sur

One of the latest addition to DAX has been the ability to apply an external filter context to SUMMARIZECOLUMNS, which makes this function a perfect replacement for SUMMARIZE in DAX. In The Definitive Guide to DAX I introduced such a function, but at th …

Using A Block Predicate to Restrict Row Updates and Inserts

Publié le 2 février 2017 sur

If you are using row level security in SQL Server 2016 you might find users are updating or inserting rows of data that keep them from seeing the row after they have performed the update or insert statement. If you want to prevent this from occurring, …

Preferred Node Policy-Setting on Traditional SQL Cluster

Publié le 2 février 2017 sur

Preferred node setting facilitates instances on traditional cluster to be on the correct nodes which will lead to load-balancing of the resources.

SQL SERVER – Script to Find and Monitoring TempDB Space Usage

Publié le 2 février 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

I have started blogging on my site long ago and my whole idea was to make script repository so that others can reuse it.  Now when I look back, there are many scripts and many solutions which I have written. Personally, I have used many of them. T …

New class: Immersion Event on PowerShell for SQL Server DBAs

Publié le 1 février 2017 sur - paul randall

We have a really cool new class debuting this May in Chicago: Immersion Event on PowerShell for SQL Server DBAs. It’s a 3-day class, taught by MVP, MCM, and industry expert Ben Miller, and no prior PowerShell experience is necessary. PowerShell i …

Always On Availability Groups Now Supported in Google Compute Engine

Publié le 1 février 2017 sur

I’m excited to finally be able to talk about something Erik, Tara, and I have been working on for the last few months. Here in the SQL Server community, when I mention cloud, you probably think of two companies: Microsoft and Amazon. We’ve …

Parallel Execution on SQL Server 2016

Publié le 1 février 2017 sur

There are a number of interesting questions in parallel execution performance that can be investigated using the TPC-H kit, which has a data generator. There are also supplemental files that accompany published results. Important questions in parallel …

SQL Updates Newsletter – January 2017

Publié le 1 février 2017 sur

  Here is the latest update about the monthly newsletter that a good friend of mine (Fany Carolina Vargas) from Microsoft puts together each month which shows a whole host of goodies related to SQL Server which include but are not limited to the f …

Introducing Minion CheckDB by MinionWare

Publié le 1 février 2017 sur

Minion CheckDB completes the MinionWare maintenance and backups suite in style. Each solution is plug-and-play for the busy DBA, and deeply configurable for those shops with in-depth needs. How to fix SQL Server disk I/O bottlenecks (without a hammer)I …

Stairway to Server Management Objects (SMO) Level 3: The Database Class

Publié le 1 février 2017 sur

Learn how to get started working with SMO and PowerShell. How to fix SQL Server disk I/O bottlenecks (without a hammer)In this new article, Simple-Talk editor Tony Davis explains step-by-step how to find and fix the root causes of disk I/O bottlenecks, …

SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop – Notes and Thoughts

Publié le 1 février 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

In the month of January, I offered exclusive training to my newsletter subscribers. The training was extremely unique and was available for a limited time. Quite a lot of newsletter subscribers took advantage of this limited time offer of “S …

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