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Storage 101: Data Center Storage Configurations

Publié le 8 avril 2020 sur

The series so far: Storage 101: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Storage Storage 101: The Language of Storage Storage 101: Understanding the Hard-Disk Drive  Storage 101: Understanding the NAND Flash Solid State Drive Storage 101: Data Cente …

Want SQL Server Training? Copy/Paste This Email To Your Boss.

Publié le 8 avril 2020 sur

Well, that escalated quickly, huh? Just a few short months ago, we were all making plans about what we wanted to learn in 2020. We sketched out our goals, our conference plans, maybe even how we wanted to do our first user group presentations or SQL Sa …

Working with SQL Cursors

Publié le 8 avril 2020 sur

The post Working with SQL Cursors appeared first on SQLServerCentral.

[Video] How Can I Measure If My Database Does More Reads Than Writes?

Publié le 7 avril 2020 sur

When someone asks you, “Is this database read-intensive or write-intensive?” you probably look at sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats to measure the file activity – but that isn’t really correct. After all, your users run a lot of …

Iterating Over Calculated Tables using Power Query

Publié le 7 avril 2020 sur

Problem Many of us are already aware of the looping methodologies in a programming language and their benefits. Looping helps us iterate over a set of items over and over again to obtain a final result. In this article, I’m going to demonstrate how to …

Database DevOps is gaining popularity

Publié le 7 avril 2020 sur

The post Database DevOps is gaining popularity appeared first on SQLServerCentral.

3D printing to help healthcare workers

Publié le 6 avril 2020 sur - paul randall

You may not know that Tim and I are both into 3D printing in a big way. You’ll definitely know that there’s a big shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) right now across the world. Because of this, many people around the world …

Announcing Two Free Live Fundamentals Courses This Wednesday & Thursday

Publié le 6 avril 2020 sur

During the quarantines, I’m trying to keep you busy with free online training. Last week, I unveiled the new free Quest Database Training Days, and this week, I’ve got another one. I’m going to teach my Fundamentals classes live, free …

Database Reliability Engineer- The new DBA?

Publié le 6 avril 2020 sur

The post Database Reliability Engineer- The new DBA? appeared first on SQLServerCentral.

Automate your Morning Checklist

Publié le 6 avril 2020 sur

Every morning as you sit down at your desk, perhaps before you’ve even got your first cup of coffee, there are certain tasks that you need to check in on.  A lot can happen in your estate overnight and it pays to have a process in place to p …

[Video] Watch Brent Work on sp_Blitz

Publié le 2 avril 2020 sur

During the quarantines, I’m looking for new ways to help you level up for free. I decided to start live-streaming whenever I’m working on things I can share with you publicly. I wanted to add a new check to sp_Blitz, so I figured I’d …

Check Your Backup Compliance Against a Data Management Provider

Publié le 2 avril 2020 sur

As a database administrator, it’s your responsibility to ensure the customer data won’t get lost in case of a disaster, so you either provide your own backup strategy, use a third-party script, or hire a data management provider. With the first two opt …

Congrats. Y’all Raised $8,919 for Doctors Without Borders in March.

Publié le 1 avril 2020 sur

I hate posting things on April 1, but there’s no laughing here, only cheering. During our March quarantine sale, I donated 10% of all sales to Doctors Without Borders. I’m proud to announce that y’all raised $8,919 to provide lifesavi …

SQL v.Next Gets Native Python in SQL Server

Publié le 1 avril 2020 sur

The next version of SQL Server is in early preview and there is a new feature that is going to be very useful for large enterprises that want to run Big Data Clusters and perform additional data science tasks. Instead of embedding Python code in a stri …

Tracking Underlying Object Changes in Views

Publié le 31 mars 2020 sur

Views are used to encapsulate common queries for reuse by SQL Server database objects or applications. They also allow for customized permissions to be applied while avoiding granting access to the underlying objects. While this can be hugely beneficia …

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