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Salesforce’s IoT Explorer exposes IoT data to lines of business

Publié le 10 novembre 2017 sur

The platform exposes data from connected devices within a Salesforce interface and supports automated workflows that trigger customer-related actions.

SQL SERVER – Service Pack Failure: MissingRegistryKeyException

Publié le 10 novembre 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

To fix something, it should be broken first. I keep playing with my lab and eventually end up breaking stuff. This time, while patching my own lab environment with latest service pack, I ran into below error about MissingRegistryKeyException. The …

IBM Cloud Hands German Users Control of Their Data

Publié le 10 novembre 2017 sur

To protect itself and EU-based clients, Big Blue modifies a play for Microsoft’s playbook.

Research report on the state of IoT implementation: Experience counts

Publié le 9 novembre 2017 sur

We surveyed more than 600 business execs, IT professionals, engineers and other IoT stakeholders to learn about their companies’ IoT projects. Our free, 32-page downloadable report details their experiences.

How Visibility and Automation Could Prevent Amazon S3 Leaks

Publié le 9 novembre 2017 sur

As Amazon releases new S3 security tools this week, experts say new approaches that embrace automated remediation could solve S3 security holes

Consumer Messaging App Use in Enterprises Remains a Danger: Study

Publié le 9 novembre 2017 sur

Despite repeated warnings, business users still use the consumer messaging apps of their choice, endangering their company’s IT security.

Checking SQL Server with Policy-Based Management

Publié le 9 novembre 2017 sur

Policy-Based Management (PBM) allows us to do compliance checks on our servers. We can build policies for the servers and run regular scheduled checks on them. SQL Server allows us to use PBM to check the configuration of all tables of all databases in …

Implied Predicate and Partition Elimination

Publié le 9 novembre 2017 sur

>implying Way back when, I posted about turning the Votes table in the Stack Overflow database into a Partitioned View. While working on related demos recently, I came across something kind of cool. It works for both partitioned tables and views, as …

Can the database be included in DevOps in financial services?

Publié le 9 novembre 2017 sur

For many DBAs who work in financial services, deploying database changes is the most taxing part of the job. Being required to review thousands of lines of script can take days, depending on how many errors you find. Even when database deployments are …

Change Integer to BigInt on a Very Large Table

Publié le 9 novembre 2017 sur

This article will show how to change the data type of a column when the table contains more than 1 billion records.

Mesosphere DC/OS Container Platform Now Available through Azure Marketplace

Publié le 9 novembre 2017 sur

Partnership with Mesosphere should add beef to Azure’s hybrid cloud visions.

SQL SERVER – Startup Error: 17190, Severity: 16 – Initializing the FallBack Certificate Failed with Error Code: 1, State: 20

Publié le 9 novembre 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

I must confess that consulting has taught me much more than what I have learned in my regular job. Freelancing comes with advantages and disadvantages. For me, I am looking at advantages and I am happy with my decision. In this blog post we will learn …

The six best-paid IoT programming languages

Publié le 9 novembre 2017 sur

Developers with a background in these six IoT programming languages stand to fare well.

FAQs: Data Copy and Backup in Azure; Future Service Packs

Publié le 9 novembre 2017 sur

Three times a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday), John Savill tackles your most pressing IT questions. Read through the FAQ archives, or send him your questions via email. Today’s FAQ: How are Azure’s asynchronous data copies made and what’s the status of …

Microsoft's Resume Assistant Brings LinkedIn Professional Information to Word

Publié le 8 novembre 2017 sur

Microsoft continues to find ways to integrate LinkedIn into their software and services. The latest offering helps job seekers bring the massive breadth of information from LinkedIn into Word as you write and perfect your own resume.

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