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How to Check if Your Processor Supports Second Level Address Translation (SLAT)

Publié le 28 décembre 2018 sur - glen berry

If you want to run Docker for Windows, you will need to be running Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, or Windows 10 Education Edition. Since Docker for Windows requires Microsoft Hyper-V, you will also need …

20 Questions to Ask About Your Availability Group Design

Publié le 28 décembre 2018 sur

Questions about the overall project: What are your RPO and RTO goals? Are there financial penalties if we miss the goals? (Like contracts, refunds to customers, etc) Does this app have regularly scheduled maintenance windows, or is it 24/7? What’ …

Understanding Peer-to-Peer Transactional Replication, Part 2

Publié le 28 décembre 2018 sur

As the Peer-to-Peer series continues, we set up an example topology in Peer-to-Peer Transactional replication and test it.

SQL Prompt Code Analysis: A Hint is Used (PE004-7)

Publié le 28 décembre 2018 sur

I feel sympathy with the frustration of database developers who see the ever-increasing range of hints that are available or see the wide use of hints in commercial database applications, some of which sound like they can help solve their query perform …

Creating Measures Using DAX

Publié le 28 décembre 2018 sur

The series so far: Creating Calculated Columns Using DAX Creating Measures Using DAX A measure is any formula which aggregates data, whether it be counting the number of transactions in a database, summing the sales figures for a region, or working out …

SQL SERVER – How to Count a Particular Value Across All Columns?

Publié le 28 décembre 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

This question came up in the recent SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop. During the workshop, I have answer questions of users during lunch break. One of the users had a very interesting scenario where he had to change one of their em …

When Does SARGability Matter Most?

Publié le 27 décembre 2018 sur

!erehT iH I know what you’re thinking. Another post about how you should just never do this one thing and all your queries will magically end up faster. Just watch the video.   For more reading, check out these posts: Sargability: Why %strin …

Retrospective Database Source Control with SQL Compare

Publié le 27 décembre 2018 sur

You have tripped over a database, somewhere in the IT department, that is either not in source control, or not completely in source control. What do you do? The database may be in the middle of development, but it may even be in production. What I mean …

Building a Collaborative Platform to Speed up Data Analysis

Publié le 27 décembre 2018 sur

In this article, Feodor demonstrates the architecture, workflow, and some of the challenges of a collaborative platform (cloud foundation) for speeding up enterprises in their search for analytical power. He uses an example from the EA Billing solution …

Primary keys for an OLTP database

Publié le 27 décembre 2018 sur

OLTP database performance with different clustered indexes.

SQL SERVER – Cluster Install Failure – Code 0x84cf0003 – Updating Permission Setting for Folder Failed

Publié le 27 décembre 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

There are various issues which I have seen SQL installation and most of the time they are intuitive. The error message is mostly helpful and provides the right direction. In this blog we would discuss error Updating permission setting for folder failed …

Updated First Responder Kit for January 2019: Extraneous Syllables

Publié le 26 décembre 2018 sur

Does anyone know what the date really is? I usually don’t, and I often consider how doomed humanity would be if I were the smartest person on the planet during any given era. Anyway, you should go hug someone smarter than you. Unless they ha …

The 2018 Blog Posts You Commented On the Most

Publié le 26 décembre 2018 sur

Of the blog posts we published in 2018, here are the ones that got you talking the most. These comment counts are as of December 17th (writing this post a little ahead of time.) 10. SQL Server Patches for Meltdown and Spectre Attacks, Brent Ozar …

Stairway to MDX – Level 15: Basic Set Functions: The Tail() Function

Publié le 26 décembre 2018 sur

Return, in order, a specified number of elements from the end of a set. SSAS Maestro, SQL Server MVP and Business Intelligence Architect Bill Pearson introduces the MDX Tail() function.

Don’t just think database DevOps. Think compliant database DevOps.

Publié le 26 décembre 2018 sur

The 2018 Accelerate State of DevOps Report from DORA specifically calls out database development as a key technical practice which can drive high performance in DevOps. It’s an interesting shift in our understanding of what should be included in …

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