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Database History: The Inventor of the Data Page

Publié le 15 décembre 2017 sur

Do you ever wonder about the history of the systems you rely on every day? They didn’t teach us database history in school. Instead, we got calculus and art and interpretive dance. Fat lot of good that did us, right? So from time to time, we …

IBM releases code patterns, resources to accelerate IoT development

Publié le 15 décembre 2017 sur

IBM releases more than 120 code patterns aimed at easing and accelerating development around technologies.

Microsoft’s Modern Approach to Artificial Intelligence Grows

Publié le 15 décembre 2017 sur

According to Microsoft, artificial intelligence is a feature that isn’t intended to be right in front of the user’s eyes with buttons labelled « Click here for Artificial Intelligence » or « Apply Artificial Intelligence to This Data. » Rather …

How to Customize Schema Comparisons using Auto Map in SQL Compare

Publié le 15 décembre 2017 sur

SQL Compare includes many options to make comparing objects easier on the developer. Auto mapping is one of these, and if often saves a little time and frustration. However, there are times that you many need to customize your mapping, and this gives y …

How to use Azure SQL Database features and settings

Publié le 15 décembre 2017 sur

Vitor Montalvao explains how to work with the basic configuration settings for a SQL Azure database from the Microsoft Azure portal itself.

AI, IoT to Drive Enterprise Public Cloud Growth: Survey

Publié le 15 décembre 2017 sur

The increase is expected as enterprise IT staffers say they can’t keep up with AI, ML and IoT changes, but the public cloud will help them.

Net Neutrality Rules Swept Aside by Republican-Led U.S. FCC

Publié le 15 décembre 2017 sur

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission swept aside rules barring broadband providers from favoring the internet traffic of websites willing to pay for speedier service.

New class: Practical Machine Learning

Publié le 14 décembre 2017 sur - paul randall

We’ve added a third brand-new class to our Spring line-up in Chicago: Immersion Event on Practical Machine Learning. It’s a combination 2-day class plus 3-day class, taught by industry expert Rafal Lukawiecki, presented …

Apple Backs Finisar With $390 Million for Face ID Technology

Publié le 14 décembre 2017 sur

Many of Apple’s new facial-recognition features — including one in which emojis mimic a person’s facial expressions — require lasers that track tiny movements.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu

Publié le 14 décembre 2017 sur

On an otherwise unremarkable day, almost twelve years ago (early 2006 to be exact), I got an email from Adam Machanic . I don’t have it anymore, but I do remember the management summary of the contents: “Hey Hugo, you should start blogging. …

IBM Taps Samsung, Daimler in Quantum Computer Push

Publié le 14 décembre 2017 sur

By giving the companies access to quantum computers, IBM is banking on hooking them early on the emerging technology so that when more powerful machines are ready, the companies will already be comfortable with the systems.

Startup offers industrial-strength Blockchain for IoT security

Publié le 14 décembre 2017 sur

Xage aims to turn industrial cybersecurity on its head with its new Blockchain-based platform.

Can you prevent deletes and inserts without a WHERE clause from running?

Publié le 14 décembre 2017 sur

File this under bad idea thong In the tradition of Klaus Aschenbrenner wanting to prevent people from writing SELECT * queries, I thought it might be nice to prevent people from running deletes or updates without a WHERE clause. In a vaguely scientific …

So what is GDPR, and why should your customers care?

Publié le 14 décembre 2017 sur

GDPR is introducing new rights at the same time that the threats to data are the biggest they’ve ever been. The more leaks and breaches there are, the more your customers will learn that GDPR grants them six specific rights, and the louder they …

Questions About the GDPR That You Were Too Shy to Ask

Publié le 14 décembre 2017 sur

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect organisations in countries around the world, not just those in Europe. The GDPR regulates how personal data is stored, moved, handled, and destroyed. Not following the regulation will lead to di …

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