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Idle Connection Resiliency

Publié le 16 octobre 2015 sur

Describes the idle connection resiliency feature, which allows ODBC and SqlClient data access applications to maintain their connections to SQL Server 2014 or an Azure SQL Database.

An Introduction to the SQLCMD Mode in SSMS (SQL Spackle)

Publié le 16 octobre 2015 sur

Using SQLCMD Mode in SSMS is easy. This short piece will show you how to get started. Library of articles for Database Lifecycle ManagementDiscover a collection of articles covering important checkpoints on the journey of database lifecycle management …

The Milestone- Linchpin People – Notes from the Field #100

Publié le 16 octobre 2015 sur journey to sqlauthority

[Note from Pinal]: This is a 100th episode of Notes from the Field series. This is amazing and shows the true dedication. Almost two years ago, Team Linchpin and I discussed that we want to share something differegive nt. When we started none of u …

Geek City: Q&A

Publié le 15 octobre 2015 sur

I’ve done it again… I’ve neglected my blog so long that my name has been removed from the list of SQLBlog contributors on the right-hand side of the main page. So I need to fix that. I have been accumulating a list of questions that …

Hardware rant 2015

Publié le 15 octobre 2015 sur

It has been a while so I suppose it is time for another rant on hardware. There are two systems I would like: One is a laptop. The second is a server capable of demonstrating extreme IO performance, with the secondary objective of being small enough to …

What’s New in Master Data Services – SQL2016 CTP2.4(September) Release

Publié le 15 octobre 2015 sur

SQL Server 2016 Community Technology Preview 2.4 is publicly released and the latest SQL Server bits can be found at . MDS Excel Add-in can be found at : …

Announcing Brent’s SQLSaturday DC Pre-Con: Performance Tuning When You Can’t Fix the Queries

Publié le 15 octobre 2015 sur

Your users are frustrated because the app is too slow, but you can’t change the queries. Maybe it’s a third party app, or maybe you’re using generated code, or maybe you’re just not allowed to change it. Take heart – there …

Integration Services Logging Levels in SQL Server 2016

Publié le 15 octobre 2015 sur

At the time of writing, SQL Server 2016 preview (CTP 2.3) has been released and there are some changes for the Integration Services (SSIS) Catalog logging levels.

Webinar: Redgate Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) Demo

Publié le 15 octobre 2015 sur

SSC’s Steve Jones will show you how Redgate’s DLM solution works to improve your database development and deployment processes. You’ll see how to version control your databases from SSMS to track and understand changes, include your database in your Co …

How to Upgrade SQL Server

Publié le 15 octobre 2015 sur

What steps should you take in upgrading SQL Server to SQL 2014

SQL SERVER – Looking Forward to Meeting you at SQLPASS 2015

Publié le 15 octobre 2015 sur journey to sqlauthority

If you are going to at SQLPASS 2015, Seattle, I am looking forward to meet you. I will be there and presenting two technology sessions. Here are the details of my sessions. I will be very happy if you are at SQLPASS and attend my session. If you see me …

Top 10 Most Common Database Scripts

Publié le 15 octobre 2015 sur

What are the scripts that a working DBA uses so often that they become part of the ‘muscle memory’? Grant Fritchey asked the question on the forums of SQL Server Central. From the large response, Grant was able to pick out the ten most popular T-SQL co …

SQL Saturday #454 – A couple of days after #sqlsat454

Publié le 14 octobre 2015 sur

Slides and demo files of the sessions we have made at SQL Saturday #454 in Turin are available for download through the schedule page.This is a good occasion to say « Thanks » to Politecnico di Torino (that has hosted the event), Organizers, Sponsors and …

SQL Server Features I’d Like To See, Oracle Edition

Publié le 14 octobre 2015 sur

BUT FRANCE HAS A PONY I really like SQL Server. Most of the time. Okay, so most of the time I like SQL Server most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, if I had to go back through the career-time continuum and pick a RDBMS to work with, I’d pro …

Azure SQL Database – Row-Level Security

Publié le 14 octobre 2015 sur

One of the benefits of using Azure-based Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service offerings, is considerably quicker access to newly developed capabilities. In this article Marcin Policht focuses on row-level security, included in both Azure SQL …

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