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Availability Group Direct Seeding: How to fix a database that won’t sync

Publié le 29 juin 2016 sur

This post covers two scenarios You either created a database, and the sync failed for some reason, or a database stopped syncing. Our setup focuses on one where sync breaks immediately, because whatever it’s my blog post. In order to do that, I s …

PowerShell Interview Questions for SQL Server DBAs

Publié le 29 juin 2016 sur

With PowerShell playing a more important role in administration of various types of servers, more SQL Server DBA candidates should have PowerShell knowledge and skills. In this article, Jeffrey Yao lists some common SQL Server DBA tasks that may be com …

Stairway to Dynamic Data Masking Level 4: Permissions and Security

Publié le 29 juin 2016 sur

Learn about the permissions associated with Dynamic Data Masking as well as some of the security implications of using this feature.

SQL SERVER – Error Fix: Msg 13601 Working with JSON Structure

Publié le 29 juin 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

As you new versions of SQL Server come, the amount of capabilities just increases exponentially. It is tough to keep up in pace with the innovations and learning that one needs to go through. I have in the past written few articles around working with …

SQL Server 2016 Upgrade Planning

Publié le 28 juin 2016 sur

Congratulations! You finally received approval to upgrade to SQL Server 2016. Now the upgrade planning begins. As a follow on to the webinar last week, here are a few resources, tips and an example upgrade planning template to give you a running s …

First Responder Kit Updated, and sp_AskBrent is now sp_BlitzFirst

Publié le 28 juin 2016 sur

We’ve released the first fully open source version of our SQL Server First Responder Kit: sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzCache, sp_BlitzIndex, sp_BlitzRS, sp_BlitzTrace, and the newest member: the newly renamed sp_BlitzFirst. I wanted to rename sp_AskBrent be …

SQL Server Sargability – Queries on an Indexed Table Sometimes have Slow Performance

Publié le 28 juin 2016 sur

The solution here was to slightly modify the slow queries, so the index could be fully used. We made the queries Search Argumentable, or « SARGABLE. »

Could you help with some research for Redgate’s website?

Publié le 28 juin 2016 sur

Allison, one of Redgate’s designers, is working to make their website easier to use. Could you spare five minutes to help her out? All you need to do is fill in this quick survey, and as a thank you, you’ll also be entered into a draw for a …

The Bleeding Edge Versus N Minus One

Publié le 28 juin 2016 sur

Risk-averse managers are reticent to upgrade to the latest and greatest. Why is this the case and how can the savvy DBA make the case for and get ready for a newer version of SQL Server?

Recover Lost Data Using the Transaction Log Files

Publié le 28 juin 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

Every now and then, experienced SQL Server DBAs as well as the SQL Server rookies find themselves in the unpleasant situation when some important data has been changed or lost with the monumental task to solve this in the most efficient way. Regardless …

Using SSMS in Customer Presentations

Publié le 27 juin 2016 sur

When using SSMS with a projector or very large screen HDTV, there are several customizations to make things easier to read for the people in the back of the room. First let’s look at a screen capture of SSMS without any customizations. Figure 1. …

Interview Question Follow-up: How do you respond?

Publié le 27 juin 2016 sur

Normally I’d update the original post But I wanted to add a bit more than was appropriate. For my interview question, I asked how you’d respond to a developer showing you progress they’d made on tuning a sometimes slow stored procedur …

Sharing Registered Server Entries in SQL Server Management Studio

Publié le 27 juin 2016 sur

We’re dedicating at least one article per month here at SQL Server Pro on features, usability, and navigation inside SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). This month I wanted to build on my introduction to the Registered Servers window by showing …

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