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What is the Machine Learning Server? Level 2 of the Stairway to ML Services

Publié le 16 mai 2018 sur

In Level 2, we look at the architecture and structure of the Machine Learning Services server process.

SQL SERVER – Simple Script to Create a Login and User for a Specific Database with System Admin Rights

Publié le 16 mai 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

A very popular question I often receive about SQL Server security is what is the difference between SQL Server Login and SQL Server User. I really love this question as I bet only 5% of SQL Server professionals I met know the answer to this question. I …

How to Screw Up Your Database Updates in 3 Simple Steps

Publié le 15 mai 2018 sur

Alex Yates Hi. I’m not Brent. My name’s Alex, and I care about databases, DevOps and data protection. Last year I gave a session on GroupBy all about how to do Database DevOps right. Now, dear reader, I’m going to give you a cheerful, …

Calculating Employee Attrition Rate with DAX – Part 1

Publié le 15 mai 2018 sur

In many businesses, the HR department needs reports on the employee attrition. This is the number of people that leave the company (depending on the reason they leave; the terminology can also be dismissals or turnover). Suppose you have a table with y …

Covering Indexes: Not Just for SELECT but also for UPDATE statements

Publié le 15 mai 2018 sur

Covering indexes help UPDATE performance also

Pseudonymizing your data with SQL Data Generator

Publié le 15 mai 2018 sur

SQL Data Generator was, as its name suggests, intended to generate the data for databases, as required for testing, development work and training. However, it is perfectly at home with using the original data as the default source of the new data, and …

SQL SERVER – Databases Going to Recovery Pending State Randomly

Publié le 15 mai 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

One of my famous offerings is Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check where we always go over various SQL Server and database level properties. Lots of people do not know that there are quite a few SQL Server and database level settings wh …

SQLskills SQL101: The Importance of Maintaining SQL Server

Publié le 14 mai 2018 sur - glen berry

SQLskills has an ongoing initiative to blog about basic topics, which we’re calling SQL101. We’re all blogging about things that we often see done incorrectly, technologies used the wrong way, or where there are many misunderstandings that …

Building SQL ConstantCare®: I Love Unit Tests

Publié le 14 mai 2018 sur

You know what my biggest regret is about sp_Blitz? No unit tests. Seriously. Back then, I wrote a bunch of T-SQL checks to see if a server had memory configuration errors, corruption, obscure trace flags, etc. Over time, sp_Blitz got bigger and bi …

Today’s Press Conference Transcript: I’m Running for Database Administrator General

Publié le 14 mai 2018 sur

Thanks for joining me today – I know you reporters are all really busy, and I appreciate you taking the time to attend this press conference. I’d like to start off by formally announcing my candidacy for Database Administrator General. Ther …

Auto assign Column Data Types for Flat file Source Import

Publié le 14 mai 2018 sur

A tip to auto detect data types for flat file sources in SSIS. Never manually enter them ever again!

SQL Server Graph Databases – Part 4: Working with Hierarchical Data in a Graph Database

Publié le 14 mai 2018 sur

The Graph Database feature, new with SQL Server 2017, can be used to represent hierarchies. In this article of the series, Robert Sheldon demonstrates how to represent hierarchies in data with complex relationships.

SQL SERVER – FIX: Msg 22004 – The Log File is Not Using Unicode Format

Publié le 14 mai 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

Recently, I was playing with some settings in SQL Server Agent and encountered an interesting issue. In this blog we would learn about how to fix error Msg 22004 – The log file is not using Unicode format. When I tried to open SQL Server Agent Lo …

How to Find Last Full Backup Time and Size for Database? – Interview Question of the Week #173

Publié le 13 mai 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

Question: How to Find Last Full Backup Time and Size for Database? Answer: What makes me unhappy during any of my Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check is DBA and Developers often not taking backup of their database. It is really sad to …

SQL SERVER – DPM Backup Failure – E_COORD_LOG_CHAIN_BROKEN – The Backup Failed Because of a Gap in The LSN the Log Files

Publié le 12 mai 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

If you are a SQL DBA then this blog might be a quick refresher for you. I am writing this for Data Protection Manager (DPM) Administrators who are not aware of the cause of the issue. In this blog, we would learn about how to fix error raised by DPM …

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