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SQL SERVER – How to INSERT or SELECT Copyright Special Characters in SSMS?

Publié le 19 septembre 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

I answer every email I receive in six hours and that is why sometimes I end up working over 18 hours in a day. However, sometimes I receive emails such that makes me wonder, how come I do not know some very simple stuff. Here is for example – tod …

Query Store – Forced Doesn’t Always Mean Forced

Publié le 19 septembre 2016 sur

The new Query Store feature in SQL Server 2016 is a great new addition that we have been anticipating for many years now. There are already a bunch of articles out there that explain what it is even how to go about using it so I won’t repeat that …

How to Find Missing SQL Server Configuration Manager? – Interview Question of the Week #089

Publié le 18 septembre 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

Question: I just installed the latest version of SQL Server and now I am not able to find SQL Server Configuration Manager. What should I do? Answer: I just happen to participate in the interview question panel recently. When this question was brought …

SQL SERVER -2016 – Wait Stats and Queues Script Updated – Identify Resource Bottlenecks

Publié le 17 septembre 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

NOTE: This script will just work fine with earlier version of SQL Server (2008, 2012, 2014) along with SQL Server 2016. It will give the expected results in all the SQL Server versions. This script will help you identify resource bottlenecks in your SQ …

Power BI for Data Modelling

Publié le 16 septembre 2016 sur

Very few SQL Server practitioners have managed to avoid hearing of Power BI. Some have even used it to create impressive dashboards bulging with charts and other visuals. Even after the initial excitement of the ‘unboxing’ has faded, many o …

Azure SQL Data Warehouse: Explaining the Architecture Through System Views

Publié le 16 septembre 2016 sur

The aim of this article is to describe the most important catalog views and dynamic management views that come with Azure SQL Data Warehouse (ADSW) in order to explain and illustrate its architecture. These views are designed to help understand, manage …

Creating PowerShell Stacks and Expression Evaluators

Publié le 16 septembre 2016 sur

To demonstrate that dynamic modules in PowerShell can be used to easily create objects with methods and properties, Phil Factor implements an expression analyser written in PowerShell, using a variation of Dijstra’s Shunting Algorithm. How to fix SQL S …

Indexing Foreign Keys

Publié le 16 septembre 2016 sur

Foreign Keys are one of the fundamental characteristics of relational databases and enforce the referential integrity. Is it a good idea to index a FK relationship? When can it help?

SQL SERVER – Case of Different Default Collation on Two Servers

Publié le 16 septembre 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

Along with long term performance tuning engagement, I also provide quick consult (On Demand) to assist with any short-term issue, which might get fixed by talking to an expert. Some of the questions are very good and I get to learn something. This blog …

Power BI Desktop “Publish to Pyramid Server” Button

Publié le 16 septembre 2016 sur

Many organizations today cannot use public cloud solutions because of security concerns, administrative challenges and functional limitations. However, they still need a centralized platform where end users can conduct self-service analytics in an IT-e …

New Features in SQL Server 2016 PowerShell

Publié le 16 septembre 2016 sur

PowerShell has become an important management option for SQL Server professionals. While the initial implementation didn’t support all of the different SQL Server management features, Microsoft has been rapidly evolving SQL Server’s PowerSh …

Upcoming presentations. And an offer.

Publié le 15 septembre 2016 sur

It’s not my habit to announce my future presentations on this blog. But I sometimes make exceptions to this rule, and today is a good day for such an exception. Especially since I have been allowed to offer some money off for one of my upcoming p …

Operator progress changes in LQS

Publié le 15 septembre 2016 sur

This has maybe gone unnoticed since August is usually a “slow” month, but with the August release there has been a major change in SQL Server Management Studio and how it show the Live Query Statistics data. The operator level percentages s …

The Open Source Tools of Paste The Plan

Publié le 15 septembre 2016 sur

If you couldn’t tell, we’re big fans of open source software. We like it so much that we recently released our First Responder Kit, including sp_Blitz, under the MIT license. So when we were building Paste The Plan, our free tool  …

How to Restart Failed Log Shipping Quickly

Publié le 15 septembre 2016 sur

Log shipping is a great tool for maintaining a redundant copy of your database to protect against site failures in a disaster recovery situation but what happens when it stops unexpectedly and you’ve an unknown number of transaction log backups to appl …

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