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Stairway to Columnstore Indexes Level 4: Catalog Views

Publié le 5 août 2015 sur

In this level, we will first take a look at how to recognize columnstore indexes in some of the generic catalog views. After that we will investigate the new catalog views that have been added just for columnstore indexes.

SQL SERVER – Knowing Which Database is Consuming My Memory

Publié le 5 août 2015 sur journey to sqlauthority

I have been fortunate enough to be at conferences around the world and it is always refreshing to see how people come up with some really common yet never answered questions from time to time. The classic questions I get asked ever since I started work …

Welcoming Dr. Greg Low as a Regular Author at SQL Server Pro

Publié le 4 août 2015 sur

On paper Dr. read more

“Dear $firstname”: Tell Us Your Recruiter Stories

Publié le 4 août 2015 sur

There are two kinds of recruiters. The first kind is the Relationship Recruiter. These are the great ones. These recruiters take time to listen, not just to you but to their clients. They try their best to match you and your skills with a client a …

ICYMI – Predicate Logic, Four Things I Wish I’d Known Sooner, Transact-SQL Bad Habits, Rewriting Queries to Improve Performance

Publié le 4 août 2015 sur

Some of my favorite articles originally appearing at . Why Not Seek Predicate Paul White ( b | t ) proves, once again, why he is the best in the business when it comes to debugging a SQL Server query. In this post, Paul gives you a s …

Running SQL Server with Hyper-V Dynamic Memory – Best Practices and Considerations

Publié le 4 août 2015 sur

There are unique considerations that apply to virtual machines that run SQL Server workloads in such environments. This document provides insight into considerations and best practices for running SQL Server in Hyper-V Dynamic Memory configurations on …

Display SSIS package version on the Control Flow design surface

Publié le 4 août 2015 sur

In this article I will show a simple trick to display version information on the Control Flow surface, so we immediately see which version and build we are modifying. 8 must-have SQL Server toolsThe SQL Developer Suite contains 8 tools for faster, simp …

SQL SERVER – Unable to Start SQL – Error: SQL Server Could Not Spawn Lazy Writer Thread

Publié le 4 août 2015 sur journey to sqlauthority

I have a tendency to try out various settings on a typical SQL Server just to see how the behavior changes from time to time. While playing with affinity settings in SQL Server – I shot myself in the foot. It was interesting to reach how I came o …

Consulting Lines: “I’d be a bad consultant if I didn’t put that in writing.”

Publié le 3 août 2015 sur

I have to deliver a lot of bad news. It’s pretty much my full time job. Nobody calls us when things are going well. (Well, they tweet us, because that’s free.) Sometimes, that bad news is very dangerous – especially for the company as …

Learning Columnstore Indexes

Publié le 3 août 2015 sur

References and links to learn more about columnstore indexes.

Change operating modes for SQL Server Database Mirroring

Publié le 3 août 2015 sur

SQL Server Database Mirroring offers two methods for exchanging data: synchronously and asynchronously. Sometimes there may be a need to switch between modes for an existing mirror and in this tip we will look at how this can be done.

Do It Yourself Load Balancing with SSIS

Publié le 3 août 2015 sur

This article takes a simple look at loading data in parallel from a single data source, be it a flat file of a database

SQL SERVER – Increase Characters Displayed in Text Results

Publié le 3 août 2015 sur journey to sqlauthority

Working with various SQL Server options is always a great feeling. Every now and then I go to the Options page to get just the thing I want. When I wrote the blog post – SQL SERVER – Getting started and creating JSON using SQL Server 2016 I …

Interview Question of the Week #030 – Retrieve Last Inserted Identity of Record

Publié le 2 août 2015 sur journey to sqlauthority

Question: What are the different ways of retrieving the identity of last inserted record? Which method do you prefer? Answer: There are many different ways to do that. Here are three different ways to retrieve the identity of the last inserted record. …

Flash Storage Delivers on the Promise of VDI

Publié le 1 août 2015 sur

As organizations consider desktop virtualization, they often uncover that picking the right storage can make or break the success of the project. Learn how a NetApp All-Flash FAS solution can help you deliver cost effective virtual desktop performance …

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