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Database Hardware and Infrastructure Trends

Publié le 23 mai 2016 sur

Glen Berry talks through a number of useful new developments in hardware, storage, and the Microsoft Windows and SQL Server ecosystem.

SQL SERVER – What is Trace Flag – An Introduction

Publié le 23 mai 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

Last week I published below blog where I talked about a trace flag. Backup Randomly Failing with Error 112 (There is not enough space on the disk.) One of the reader commented, whether he needs to enable trace flag every time SQL Server is restarted? T …

24 Hours of PASS – Evolution of the Data Platform – The Grand Finale – Schedule Change

Publié le 22 mai 2016 sur

I was originally schedule in the 24th slot of the upcoming 24 Hours of PASS which was to begin at 7am ET on May 26. I called it the Grand Finale. As with many events, schedule conflicts arise. So, the Grand Finale session will now be referred to me as …

Temporal Tables – Part 5 – Start and End Type Precision

Publié le 22 mai 2016 sur

In this fifth (and maybe final until at least getting to the concurrency chapter prep) blog about temporal I wanted to briefly cover the precision of the ROW START and END times. You can use any of the datetime2 types for these values. The precision wi …

SQL Domain Controller – Interview Question of the Week #072

Publié le 22 mai 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

This blog is an outcome of questions asked by my client and answer provided to them after doing a lot of searches on the internet. I am very confident that sooner or later, these questions will show up in interview questions and answers. Let us underst …

[Video] Office Hours 2016 2016/05/18 (With Transcriptions)

Publié le 21 mai 2016 sur

This week, Brent, Angie, Erik, Jessica, and Richie discuss sp_Blitz® updates, merge replication, detecting index fragmentation, how to punish your DBAs, and Brent’s new chroma key backdrop. Here’s the video on YouTube: You can regi …

SQL Server 2016 – Introducing AutoGrow and Mixed_Page_Allocations Options – TraceFlags

Publié le 21 mai 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

I have been playing around with SQL Server 2016 for a while now and I have seemed to have learnt a number of interesting options when playing around with the new version. One of the readers after reading – SQL Server 2016 – Enhancements with Temp …

Solving Performance Problems with the Query Store

Publié le 20 mai 2016 sur

Many times, something changes on the server or something in the database is changed or sometimes the application code itself gets changed and performance begins to degrade. Troubleshooting typically happens well after the fact and often only when the a …

SQL Server 2016 Maintenance Plan Improvements

Publié le 20 mai 2016 sur

Let’s just get one thing out of the way first. Yes, I understand that you, dear reader, probably hate maintenance plans. You associate them with everything dumb that you did early on in your career, like setting up a single plan that reorganized …

Considerations around validation errors 41305 and 41325 on memory optimized tables with foreign keys

Publié le 20 mai 2016 sur

Denzil Ribeiro looks at the validation phase of transaction lifetime.

Natively Compiled Stored Procedures: What they are all about

Publié le 20 mai 2016 sur

What are natively compiled stored procedures? Why would we want to use them and what are the performance benefits of using them over classic disk-based stored procedures?

SQL SERVER – Disabling 15000 Partitions (15k)

Publié le 20 mai 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

I am really having fun working with customers who are pushing the learning barrier in my new consulting role. The more customers I meet; merrier I am because I am getting interesting challenges that push me from the normal comfort zone I am in. Learnin …

How to Build and Deploy a Database from Object-Level Source in a VCS

Publié le 20 mai 2016 sur

It is easy for someone who is developing a database to shrug and say ‘if only my budget would extend to buying fancy tools, then I could start using version control when developing or maintaining databases’. Phil Factor sets out to show that there are …

HPE Superdome X FAQs

Publié le 19 mai 2016 sur

The HPE Superdome offers several unique features, and here are some FAQs to help you get the most out of them. read more

Learn More with Penton Technology’s New Professional Education Platform

Publié le 19 mai 2016 sur

We’re proud to share our new  Penton Technology Professional Education platform, which will enrich the online education experience for IT professionals. “Our new education platform allows tech professionals to enhance their career …

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