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Getting Started with Azure SQL Data Warehouse – Part 3

Publié le 28 avril 2017 sur

Microsoft introduced Azure SQL Data Warehouse, a new enterprise-class, elastic petabyte-scale, data warehouse service that can scale according to organizational demands in just few minutes. In this article, Arshad Ali discusses the different types of t …

SQL SERVER – Installation Wizard Hangs at Service Account Page – The RPC Server is Unavailable

Publié le 28 avril 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

While trying to install SQL Server 2012 in clustered environment, client reported that it is hanging at “Please Wait” state forever. Eventually they have to kill the setup by task manager. Let us see an error related to RPC Server. Since I …

Free webinar: dealing with SQL Server asset management

Publié le 27 avril 2017 sur

In this interactive webinar, Microsoft Data Platform MVP Steve Jones and members of Redgate’s R&D division, Foundry, will lead a group discussion with attendees to take an in-depth look at the challenges of managing a SQL Server estate. They …

Performance Tuning Using Extended Events: Part 2

Publié le 27 avril 2017 sur

Part 2 of identifying performance puning opportunities using Extended Events. Learn how about shredding XML.

SQL SERVER – Unable to Start SQL Service – OS Error 5 (Access is denied.) for TempDB

Publié le 27 avril 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

This was really one of the issue where I was totally confused because SQL Server was raising incorrect error message. Let me first tell you what I was doing. I was trying to move TEMPDB database files to a new location. I ran below alter commands and r …

Look Ma, Adaptive Joins

Publié le 26 avril 2017 sur

This probably won’t seem like a big deal soon But I just got the optimizer to pick an Adaptive Join! It took a few tries to figure out what would cause some guesswork to happen, but here it is. I hope Joe Sack has strong ribs. And here’s th …

SSMS 2017 Is Now Available For Download

Publié le 26 avril 2017 sur

If you’re into that sort of thing You can head over here to download it. I just got it installed, and I’ll be updating this post as I find stuff. In case you’re curious, this is a whole new install, not just an update. I had to reinst …

How are default column values stored?

Publié le 26 avril 2017 sur - paul randall

An interesting question came up in class yesterday: how is a default column value stored, and what if some rows exist when a column is added and then the default value changes? An example scenario is this: Step 1: Create a table with two …

Hold The FiIter: Startup Expression Predicates

Publié le 26 avril 2017 sur

Long distance information There was a rather interesting question posted on recently about CASE expression order of execution with an OR predicate. Mouthful, I know! When I saw it, I got all “I HAVE A REALLY GOOD ANSWER …

New edition of the Analysis Services Tabular book #ssas #tabular

Publié le 26 avril 2017 sur

Last year I and Alberto Ferrari wrote a new edition of the Analysis Services Tabular book, which official title is Tabular Modeling in SQL Server Analysis Services (2nd Edition). Some delay in editing and production delayed the printing, but the book i …

Obsoleting Unused SSRS Reports

Publié le 26 avril 2017 sur

Learn about programmatically obsoleting unused SSRS reports from your Report Server.

How to setup a tabular data model in SSAS Azure

Publié le 26 avril 2017 sur

Microsoft announced the availability of SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) on Azure late last year. Siddharth Mehta walks through how to quickly set up a tabular data model in SSAS Azure.

SQL SERVER – Mirroring Error: Connection handshake failed. Could not send a handshake message because the connection was closed by peer. State 26

Publié le 26 avril 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

Here is another blog based on client’s interaction via Skype. They informed me that they are trying to execute the command ALTER DATABASE SET PARTNER while attempting to set up mirroring between two servers, we see the following mirroring error r …

Data Juice

Publié le 25 avril 2017 sur

The data ecosystem explained in 10 simple images Couple of weeks ago I was explaining how IoT and BigData can be a game changer in sports and human activities. Yeah, it’s cool to put a sensor in your own grill so that it can automatically tell yo …

October 2017 classes in Chicago open for registration

Publié le 25 avril 2017 sur - paul randall

I’ve just released our final set of 2017 classes for registration, including the new two-day class on Azure and the new three-day class on upgrading and migrating. Our classes in October will be in Chicago, IL: IEPTO1: Immersion Event on Performa …

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