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Core Database Source Control Concepts

Publié le 13 janvier 2017 sur

This article takes a conceptual approach to explaining core source control concepts, using diagrams and anecdotes as necessary to describe how all the pieces fit together. Why source control – the basic purpose of source control and the benefits …

Identifying Logins with Default Database Connectivity Issues in SQL Server

Publié le 13 janvier 2017 sur

You’ve a valid login and password. You’ve rights to the database you’re trying to query. You’ve verified the sids (unique identifier for a SQL Server login and a database user) match. That’s all that is needed to run a query on your database given you …

Build Me A Build: Things I’d Do Different

Publié le 13 janvier 2017 sur

What I started with isn’t what I ended with I started off really trying to stay close to budget. When I realized I needed to go over by a bit (storage, mostly), and that not all of my parts would even be here in the calendar year (the M.2), I sta …

Configure SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Group on a Multi-Subnet Cluster

Publié le 13 janvier 2017 sur

A “multi-subnet” environment is defined when the OS cluster used as the backbone for AlwaysOn has server nodes that are located in multiple/different subnets. Deploying SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups requires a Windows Server Failo …

Scrubbing Personally Identifiable Information

Publié le 13 janvier 2017 sur

Managing personally identifiable information when moving databases to unsecure environment can be challenging. With this flexible and extendable solution for scrubbing it, you can save yourself some time and effort.

SQL SERVER – The Log Scan Number Passed to Log Scan in Database ‘master’ is not Valid

Publié le 13 janvier 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

If you have landed on this blog by searching below error, then I must tell you that your SQL Server service is not getting started. Let us learn in this blog how to fix  The Log Scan Number Passed to Log Scan in Database ‘master’ …

Introducing astreams

Publié le 13 janvier 2017 sur

For months, I’ve received pings about a screenshot I posted on social media a year or so ago. Plus I needed to wind down. You real runners will know what I mean: You know how you feel after you’ve covered some distance (for you)? You need t …

Operating System Support for SQL Server Versions

Publié le 12 janvier 2017 sur - glen berry

There are currently six major versions of SQL Server that I commonly see being used in Production, along with five major versions of Windows Server. Only certain combinations of SQL Server and Windows Server are officially supported by Microsoft, but t …

Summer 2017 classes in Bellevue open for registration

Publié le 12 janvier 2017 sur - paul randall

I’ve just released our second set of classes for 2017 for registration! Our classes in July/August will be in Bellevue, WA: IEPTO1: Immersion Event on Performance Tuning and Optimization – Part 1 July 31-August 4 IEPTO2: Immersion Even …

Encrypting SQL Server: Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

Publié le 12 janvier 2017 sur

With the release of SQL Server 2008, Microsoft expanded the database engine’s security capabilities by adding Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), a built-in feature for encrypting data at rest. TDE protects the physical media that hold the data as …

Get Smarter This Year: Upcoming Conference & Training Class Schedule

Publié le 12 janvier 2017 sur

Traveling with my co-presenter It’s time to talk to your manager about the 2017 training budget. I know how this is going to go, because I’ve been there. She’s going to say, “Just because it’s January doesn’t mean we …

Deployment Automation for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Publié le 12 janvier 2017 sur

Overview: In this article, I’ll be demonstrating a method of automating the task of building and deploying SSIS projects via a PowerShell script. By deployment, I mean the process of setting up new software or making changes to existing software. …

Identifying Last Night’s SQL Agent Job Failures

Publié le 12 janvier 2017 sur

Finding the nightly job failures is just one of a DBA’s morning rituals. It is fairly easy to scan all the email with a number of creative search criteria, but what if you would like a more automated approach? Read on to learn how to find and report al …

Backing Up SQL Server Databases is Easier in PowerShell than T-SQL

Publié le 12 janvier 2017 sur

Learn how easy the new SQLServer module makes backups of SQL Server databases.

SQL SERVER – Why Cluster Network is Unavailable in Failover Cluster Manager?

Publié le 12 janvier 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

It’s always a good experience to visit customer sites and talk to people. Sometimes I get to see things outside SQL world as well. There is a lot to learn and I believe that I can do that by sharing what I learned. In this blog post we will discu …

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