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New SQL Server First Responder Kit for 2016-07

Publié le 18 juillet 2016 sur

SQL Server 2012 SP3, 2014 SP2, and 2016 users are going to find a lot of stuff to love in here. The new per-query memory grants fields in the plan cache are exposed in sp_BlitzCache, and sp_BlitzFirst also shows memory grants for live running queries i …

SQL Server 2016 – what’s changed in the SQL Toolbelt?

Publié le 18 juillet 2016 sur

Over recent months, Redgate’s development teams have been busy updating the tools in the SQL Toolbelt to support the valuable new functionality released with SQL Server 2016. To achieve this, most tools now support the syntax for SQL Server 2016 …

Encrypting and Decrypting SQL Server Stored Procedures, Views and User-Defined Functions

Publié le 18 juillet 2016 sur

You work in a shop that puts business or application logic in SQL Server using stored procedures, views and functions to return values to the calling applications or perform tasks. This is not unusual for companies that use the SQL Server layer to perf …

SQL Authentication Via AD Groups Part III: What About Orphaned Users?

Publié le 18 juillet 2016 sur

With AD Authentication via groups, SQL Server is vulnerable to orphaned Windows users’ logins being added to SQL Server at a later date. This article gives an improved user audit script that detects orphaned DB Users and also a delete script.

SQL SERVER – Identifying If Database Supports InMemory OLTP Functionality

Publié le 18 juillet 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

I had recently received an email about InMemory OLTP Functionality in Email when I was having a vacation with my family in the Australia. Let us read the story about my vacation and SQL Server in this blog post. My Recent Vacation I am a workaholic per …

The Art of Datazen

Publié le 17 juillet 2016 sur

Liam Cleary So last year Microsoft acquired a company called Datazen, which was known for its enterprise solution for mobile reporting. Here’s what you need to know about Datazen read more

[Video] Office Hours 2016/07/13 (With Transcriptions)

Publié le 17 juillet 2016 sur

This week, Erik, Tara, Jessica, Doug, and Angie discuss queries, installing multiple instances of SQL server on a Windows VM, using DENY Database rules, migrating databases to Amazon RDS, availability groups, using filtered indexes, and more! Here …

How to Change Fill Factor in SQL Server – Interview Question of the Week #080

Publié le 17 juillet 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

It is surprising to see that lots of people do not know that SQL Server Fill Factor 0 (which is the default value when SQL Server is installed) is equal to value as 100. If you did not know that value 0 of this setting is equal to value 100. …

SQL SERVER – Query to Get CPU Usage History for SQL Server and Operating System

Publié le 16 juillet 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

I have seen a number of customers manage their SQL Server environments in an adhoc manner. These accidental DBA’s need to know what happened in the system in a chronological order or even worst need to know what led to the lead up to a particular …

New Ways to Buy Our Video Training Classes

Publié le 15 juillet 2016 sur

Our class inventory has been growing lately – especially with Doug’s awesome new video on statistics – and it’s time to make things easier: The DBA Bundle – $399 – includes our classes on HA/DR, VM/SAN/HW, and j …

A Happy Birthday Present from Minionware

Publié le 15 juillet 2016 sur

The Midnight DBAs and Minionware are having a birthday celebration. You can get your present of a free license today only.

SQL Server 2016 Temporal Table Query Plan Behaviour

Publié le 15 juillet 2016 sur

For this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, Rob Farley takes a look at a couple of unexpected aspects of query plans you might observe when using Temporal Tables in SQL Server 2016.

Stairway to T-SQL: Beyond The Basics Level 8: Coding Shortcuts using += and -= Operators

Publié le 15 juillet 2016 sur

No one wants to use more keystrokes than they have to when they write a chunk of T-SQL code. To help with minimizing the number of characters a T-SQL developer needs to type the Microsoft team introduced three new shortcuts operators when they release …

Life Lessons – Are There Rules for Interacting With Customers?

Publié le 15 juillet 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

I personally don’t claim to know everything and most of my soft skills, learning / techniques has got seasoned over the years. It is something I try to emulate, learn and get guidance from 100’s of people I meet daily. I vividly remember ta …

Hotfix Released for July 2016 SQL Server Management Studio Download

Publié le 14 juillet 2016 sur

The Microsoft Data Platform MVPs and SQL Server Product Group at Microsoft have worked hard to identify and resolve issues from the July 2016 release of SQL Server Management Studio. The hotfix with these changes has just been released. read more

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