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SQL Server Temporal Tables: How-To Recipes

Publié le 10 février 2017 sur

Temporal, or system-versioned, tables were introduced as a database feature in SQL Server 2016. This gives us a type of table that can provide information about the data that was stored at any specified time rather than just the data that is current. A …

SQL Server Encryption: Always Encrypted

Publié le 10 février 2017 sur

Always Encrypted is a new feature included in SQL Server 2016 for encrypting column data at rest and in motion. This represents an important difference from the original column-level encryption, which is concerned only with data at rest. Always Encrypt …

The Blog Posts You Loved to Talk About: Top-Commented Posts

Publié le 10 février 2017 sur

In WordPress, I happened to sort our posts on the comment count column and got a huge laugh. I figured you’d like to see this list too, dear reader: 20. SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition Sucks, and It’s All Your Fault – 137 comments 19 …

Data masking survey and prize draw

Publié le 10 février 2017 sur

The Foundry team at Redgate know that managing sensitive and regulated data can be both challenging and problematic. They want to solve these problems, but first need your help to better understand them in context. What do you find frustrating? What wo …

SQL SERVER – UpdateHADRResource – Failed to version-copy file – Exception data is: System.IO.IOException

Publié le 10 février 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

While applying patches on SQL server standalone instance, in the cluster, it failed with error as below in Summary.txt file. Let us learn about how to fix Exception data is: System.IO.IOException. Overall summary: Final result: The patch installer …

SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries for February 2017

Publié le 9 février 2017 sur - glen berry

This month, there are minor updates for the SQL Server 2012 and newer queries. Rather than having a separate blog post for each version, I have just put the links for all seven major versions in this single post. There are two separate links for each v …

A Tourist’s Guide to the sp_Blitz Source Code, Part 1: The Big Picture

Publié le 9 février 2017 sur

sp_Blitz is our open source free SQL Server health check script. From a really high level, here’s what it does: Create #BlitzResult, a temp table to hold its output Check something on your SQL Server, and if it’s found, insert a row in …

Fix Commvault Backup Failures After an Upgrade

Publié le 9 février 2017 sur

In this article, you will learn how to troubleshoot backup failures in SQL Server 2016 when you run using commvault backup tool

How Incorrect SQL Server Table Statistic Estimates Can Cause Slow Query Execution

Publié le 9 février 2017 sur

Ben Snaidero explains that if you are updating your SQL Server table statistics nightly, but still seeing occasional poor performance with some of the queries being executed against my database, statistics could be the issue.

SQL SERVER Management Studio – Exception of type ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’ was thrown. (mscorlib)

Publié le 9 février 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

I was trying to help my client in generating a report large data set. After spending some time and understanding the schema, I could provide them the query to get the results. Now, he wanted to save the results in excel sheet. So, he ran the query in S …

Identifying Existence of Intersections in Intervals

Publié le 8 février 2017 sur

Identifying the existence of intersections in intervals is a classic task where, given a table with a set of intervals, you need to check whether any intersections exist. This is often done to verify the validity of data that holds intervals that are n …

Inline Table Valued Functions: Parameter Snorting

Publié le 8 février 2017 sur

You’ve probably heard about parameter sniffing But there’s an even more insidious menace out there: Parameter Snorting. It goes beyond ordinary parameter sniffing, where SQL at least tried to come up with a good plan for something once upon …

Simple Row Level Security for SQL Server 2016

Publié le 8 février 2017 sur

Have you ever had a need to place some simple row level security on a SQL Server table? Well now you can do that in SQL Server 2016 by using row level security.

Building Angular2 Apps with SQL Server Data

Publié le 8 février 2017 sur

This article demonstrates using Angular2 and the CData API Server to build dynamic Web pages using SQL Server data.

SQL SERVER – Puzzle – Why does sp_spaceused Show No Values?

Publié le 8 février 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

When you see something not behaving the way normal way, either it must be magic or in software terms it is an error or bug. This blog was inspired by someone who caught me unaware with this challenge that it took me by surprise. I didn’t know how …

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