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Why monitoring SQL Server is more important than ever

Publié le 9 mai 2016 sur

Moving parts SQL Server keeps on growing. With every new edition, you get more features, feature enhancements, and uh, “feature enhancements”. As I’m writing this, SQL Server 2005 is less than a week away from support ending, and SQL …

RANDom traps for the unwary

Publié le 9 mai 2016 sur

The Books Online description of the RAND() function is only true from certain perspectives.

Big Data Architecture

Publié le 9 mai 2016 sur

The next few years will be critical for the information technology staff, as they attempt to integrate and manage multiple, diverse hardware and software platforms. In this article, Lockwood Lyon addresses how to meet this need, as users demand greater …

PowerShell – Backup SQL Server System Databases

Publié le 9 mai 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

I have been lately writing on powershell and didn’t know there are many more scenarios that can be enabled. I was traveling for a consulting assignment over the weekend for a customer location. Though this exercise was around performance tuning t …

Top Four Enterprise Infrastructure Mistakes

Publié le 8 mai 2016 sur

Every business runs different workloads and has different resource requirements. For many businesses, building out the optimal set of enterprise IT infrastructure components can be a trial-and-error process where things don’t always work out the …

[Video] Office Hours 2016 2016/05/04

Publié le 8 mai 2016 sur

This week, Richie, Erik, Angie, and Tara discuss deadlocks, replication, SQL Server 2016 features, and more. Here’s the video on YouTube: You can register to attend next week’s Office Hours, or subscribe to our podcast to listen o …

List All the Stored Procedure Modified in Last Few Days – Interview Question of the Week #070

Publié le 8 mai 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

There are few questions which never gets old. Today we are going to one such question. Every single time I go for expert panel in the interview and I end up seeing candidate failing to answer this question about the Stored Procedure modification date. …

Use AutoCorrect in Word to Prevent SQL Sever

Publié le 8 mai 2016 sur

Too often I see SQL Server misspelled as SQL Sever. You can easily prevent this by using AutoCorrect in Word. Start by clicking on File . Figure 1. Click on File in Word. Next, click on Options . Figure 2. Click on Options . On the Word Options dialog …

SQL SERVER – Change Color for System Object Name in Text Editor (SSMS 2016)

Publié le 7 mai 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

You might have seen my earlier posts about SQL Server 2016 management studio. There are a lot of changes which have happened in SSMS area. One of such change which I heard is that SSMS now uses Visual Studio 2015 shell. I am a sort of guy who likes som …

Free eBooks from Microsoft Press

Publié le 6 mai 2016 sur

  Microsoft Press (@MicrosoftPress) gives you the opportunity to download many eBooks for free. There is one eBook for every taste 🙂 to find and download the most interesting eBook for you, point your browser here.

PASS Business Analytics Conference Day 2 Keynote: A Framework for Ethical Data Use

Publié le 6 mai 2016 sur

The final day of the 2016 PASS Business Analytics Conference in San Jose, CA started with a keynote on the ethical collection and use of data by Susan Etlinger. Tim Ford shares the key takeaways. read more

SQL Server Reporting Services CountDistinct and Previous Functions

Publié le 6 mai 2016 sur

Scott Murray takes a look at what count function variations and related functions are available in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Unique Indexes Are Code; Non-Unique Indexes Are Data

Publié le 6 mai 2016 sur

Unique indexes are the database developer’s responsibility. Non-unique indexes can be more easily maintained directly on the production database by an automated process.

SQL SERVER – Optimizing Tabular Models for Self-Service Reporting: Summarize By – Notes from the Field #123

Publié le 6 mai 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

[Note from Pinal]: This is a new episode of Notes from the Field series. I personally have no problem accepting that I do not know many topics. One of the such topic is Tabular Models. I always wanted to learn more and I finally got the opportunity to …

SQL Server 2016 In-Memory OLTP Enhancements

Publié le 5 mai 2016 sur

The In-Memory OTLP feature that Microsoft first introduced to SQL Server 2014 was the most significant enhancement that Microsoft made to the relational database side in several releases read more

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