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Create a SQL Server Reporting Services Report from an Analysis Services Tabular Database

Publié le 3 août 2016 sur

Daniel Calbimonte walks through the steps to creating a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Report from an Analysis Services Tabular Database.

Stairway to Exploring Database Metadata Level 1: Why Should You Care About the Dynamic Online Catalog?

Publié le 3 août 2016 sur

In this first level, we look at the overview of what metadata is contained in each database, gain some understanding of the different types of information, and examine a few basic examples.

SQL Complete – Smart Code Completion and SQL Formatting

Publié le 3 août 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

A week ago, I saw a notification about the release of dbForge SQL Complete 5.5. As a long-time user of this product, I have updated to the new version. A week later I decided to share my impressions of the new version of SQL Complete. The first thing t …

Dell DBA Days Prep: How to Think Like the Engine

Publié le 2 août 2016 sur

Next week at Dell DBA Days, one of our sessions is The Unbearable Lightness of BEGIN. We’ll be talking about what happens when you start a transaction, how SQL Server manages lock escalation, and how indexes can help avert blocking issues. For yo …

Presenting at Spartanburg and Charlotte SQL Saturdays!

Publié le 2 août 2016 sur

I am honored to be presenting at two upcoming SQL Saturdays, Spartanburg and Charlotte ! In Spartanburg 20 Aug, I’m presenting: Using Biml as an SSIS Design Patterns Engine Use Biml to Automate SSIS Design Patterns Together, these two presentatio …

Dell DBA Days Prep: Country Songs About Databases

Publié le 2 août 2016 sur

I travel a lot, and I’ve seen a lot of things, but even I was surprised this week when I sat down in a Cracker Barrel Restaurant that had the oddest soundtrack. It turns out there’s an entire sub-genre of country music that specializes in d …

Update custom visuals on OKViz (and name survey result) #powerbi

Publié le 2 août 2016 sur

In the last few days, users of the Synoptic Panel and Smart Filter (custom visuals for Power BI) experienced some issue in the behavior of these components. Changes applied to API and automatic updates pushed through the Microsoft Power BI Gallery crea …

Changing Replication Passwords

Publié le 2 août 2016 sur

A how-to guide for configuring replication agents after a password change

Strengthening the Foundations of Software Architecture

Publié le 2 août 2016 sur

The term ‘Architecture’ seems to imply a plan that you can’t easily subsequently deviate from. It’s true that, if you abandon software architecture, you end up with a big ball of mud, but maybe the art of software is to make change much easier by plann …

SQL SERVER – Setting Firewall Settings With Azure SQL Server VMs

Publié le 2 août 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

Recently I had a session around using SQL Server on Azure and during this session one of the questions was to access the SQL Server in a Hybrid Setup. This is a typical scenario wherein the developer was requesting to connect to the SQL Server running …

Announcing Biml Academy 2!

Publié le 1 août 2016 sur

Biml Academy 2 – Lessons 5-9 – will be 15-19 Aug 2016. Each 1-hour session will begin at 1:00 PM EDT and will be recorded. Join Cathrine Wilhelmsen ( blog ), BimlHero and Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Scott Currie (creator of Biml and Mist ) …

Dell DBA Days Prep: Using StackExchange Queries to Generate Workloads

Publié le 1 août 2016 sur

One of my favorite questions is, “How can I generate workloads to run against SQL Server for testing?” Step 1: get the database. This 100GB database has a relatively simple schema, just a few tables, real-world data d …

How to Run Scheduled Jobs in Azure SQL Databases

Publié le 1 août 2016 sur

This article will help you to schedule jobs in Azure SQL.

Introduction to Azure SQL Database Temporal Tables

Publié le 1 août 2016 sur

As announced on June 1, 2016, SQL Server 2016 has reached its general availability. This means that you finally have the option to implement some of its new features in the production environment. While we still have to wait for their full support in A …

SQL SERVER – Unable to Create Listener for AlwaysOn Availability Group in Azure via Template Deployment

Publié le 1 août 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

Recently I was trying to help a customer who was deploying AlwaysOn Availability Group in Microsoft Azure via template deployment. The template was failing with below error StatusMessage { “status”: “Failed”, “error” …

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