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How Much Data Has Changed Since Your Last Full Backup

Publié le 8 décembre 2017 sur

Have you ever wanted to know how many pages in your database have changed since the last full backup? If so, then you will be glad to hear that the SQL Server 2017 version of the DMV, sys.dm_db_file_spavce_usage, has a new column named modified_extent_ …

Now Tech Moguls Have to Work to Appear Not-Evil

Publié le 8 décembre 2017 sur

Something weird is happening in the technology industry: Giant companies are suddenly worrying about what people think of them.

Kubernetes Preview: 'Apps Workloads' Enabled by Default, Windows Capabilities Move Forward

Publié le 8 décembre 2017 sur

Kubernetes 1.9 will a ready-for-prime-time Apps Workloads, Windows functionality moving into beta and forward moves in storage.

SQL SERVER – Puzzle – Brain Teaser – Changing Data Type is Changing the Default Value

Publié le 8 décembre 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

Today, we will see a very interesting puzzle about data types and default values. There are three important properties for any column – Datatype Default value Null-ability A column can be NULL or NOT NULL depending on the business requirements. A …

Microsoft Whiteboard App available in Preview for Windows 10

Publié le 8 décembre 2017 sur

Imagine being able to easily connect with co-workers in the same building, across the country, or around the world to share your ideas right from your desktop. The new Microsoft Whiteboard App Preview enables that capability.

How To Use Speech Dictation on Windows 10

Publié le 7 décembre 2017 sur

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has many new features and changes, including dictation, so you can now input English text anywhere on the desktop without typing from the keyboard. To get started with dictation, select the area on your desktop whe

sp_BlitzQueryStore: A Gentle Introduction

Publié le 7 décembre 2017 sur

Odds and ends During the precon, we asked how many people were on 2016, how many people were aware of query store, how many people were using it, and how many people were using sp_BlitzQueryStore. About 1/3 of the hands went up at first, then for each …

SQL Bits: We’re Teaching Another Pre-Con!

Publié le 7 décembre 2017 sur

Our Wednesday pre-con, Expert Performance Tuning for SQL Server 2016 & 2017, sold out pretty quickly after it was announced. So good news: SQL Bits added a repeat on Thursday! There’s only 100 seats available, so if you want one, you have to …

Major new study reveals the true ROI of database DevOps

Publié le 7 décembre 2017 sur

Redgate has launched a new research study that reveals the benefits different stakeholders can expect from DevOps, and provides a powerful methodology for calculating the ROI of database DevOps.

How to store Excel files In SQL Table

Publié le 7 décembre 2017 sur

This article will show how to store images, document and all other files in SQL Table.

A cybersecurity researcher forecasts the state of IoT in 2018

Publié le 7 décembre 2017 sur

While many enterprise companies struggle to or even precisely define what IoT is, the growing number of connected devices is setting the stage for a significant security breach in 2018, warns a senior cybersecurity researcher.

An Open Letter to the SQL Community: Regarding Speakers

Publié le 7 décembre 2017 sur

(Part 1 of 2 -about and for Speakers.) The SQL Server community stands out as one of the most open, sharing, and giving technology communities. Around the world, there are active and robust User Groups, free all day SQL Saturdays, and regional events, …

Savill's FAQs: PowerShell parameters & removing array entries

Publié le 7 décembre 2017 sur

Three times a week, John Savill tackles your most pressing IT questions. Today we learn about how to find latencies between data centers in Azure Regions & Availability Zones, short parameters for cmdlets & removing array entries in PowerShell …

SQL SERVER – Fix the Error – Accessing this Server via SQL Management Objects (SMO) or Distributed Management Objects is Currently Not Permitted

Publié le 7 décembre 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

Sometimes when we do some unexpected things with SQL Server, you would get messages as well which are never seen earlier. One of my client was trying to implement STIG for SQL 2016 and then someone reported below error in SSMS while connecting to SQL. …

Google Blocks YouTube Access From Amazon's Streaming Devices

Publié le 6 décembre 2017 sur

Google isn’t the only competitor that has seen its products blocked from Amazon’s site. After being pulled from the No. 1 e-commerce site in 2015, the Apple TV box reappeared on the retail website in September, only to vanish again. Apple I …

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