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The Road to Database CI

Publié le 17 mai 2017 sur

One firm’s journey on the road to mastering (or at least attempting) continuous database integration.

Cardinality Estimation for a Predicate on a COUNT Expression

Publié le 17 mai 2017 sur

Paul White takes you on an optimizer journey, exploring how SQL Server comes up with cardinality estimates for COUNT queries.

Do you use Visual Studio Code?

Publié le 17 mai 2017 sur

Visual Studio Code is rapidly gaining in popularity, but is it all it could be, or is there room for improvement? Redgate is embarking on some research to better understand how you are using this lightweight editor, and where it can be improved. Have y …

My Journey to CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2) Credential – Level Up

Publié le 17 mai 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

Yes, it is true! I Earned CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2) Credential. As I mentioned in my earlier post My Journey to CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) Credential, fitness is a journey and can’t be a destination. Just like every other j …

In The Cloud: The Importance of Being Organized

Publié le 16 mai 2017 sur

People often ask me about learning how to use Azure SQL Database as well as many other Azure products. If you want to learn, you’ve got to have an Azure account. Get one for free or use your personal or corporate MSDN account. Where I see people …

Guidance for WannaCrypt/WannaCry Attacks

Publié le 16 mai 2017 sur - glen berry

There has been quite a bit of media coverage about the WannaCrypt/WannaCry ransomware over the past several days. Microsoft has a new page with information about this particular issue and steps that can be taken to protect your systems. I have also col …

Presenting A Day of Intelligent Data Integration Precon at SQL Saturday Dublin!

Publié le 16 mai 2017 sur

I am honored to present my day-long precon titled SSIS Design Patterns and Biml: A Day of Intelligent Data Integration at SQL Saturday 620 – Dublin 15 Jun 2017! Description What is Intelligent Data Integration? SSIS packages developed using tried …

SQL Server 2017: Interleaved MSTVFs Vs Inline Table Valued Functions

Publié le 16 mai 2017 sur

But is it faster? Now, I know. There are very few “always” things out there in SQL Server. This is also true for functions. A lot of the time — I might even say most of the time, inline table valued functions are going to be faster th …

Fixing an SSRS Password Error while Changing Credentials

Publié le 16 mai 2017 sur

SSRS Password error while changing credentials

SQL SERVER – How to Protect Your Database from Ransomware?

Publié le 16 mai 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

In the last month, I have received calls from quite a few of my customers about Ransomware. Particularly this weekend it has been very busy with over 8 customers had issues with Ransomware. However, we were lucky enough to have proper database bac …

SQL Server 2017: Interleaved Execution for MSTVFs

Publié le 15 mai 2017 sur

What I don’t want you to take away from this Is that I want you to start using Multi Statement Table Valued Functions all over the place. There are still problems with them. Backed by table variables Lots of hidden I/O cost Number of executions m …

Azure DWH Part 8: Accessing Azure SQL Data Warehouse with C#

Publié le 15 mai 2017 sur

In this new article, we will learn how to access to our Azure DWH tables using C#.

Backing Up SQL Server Databases Hosted on Azure VMs

Publié le 15 mai 2017 sur

Join Marcin Policht as he provides a comprehensive overview of the different backup options applicable to Azure SQL Server VMs with database files stored on VM disks.

Why people flocked to the SQL Clone live stream event

Publié le 15 mai 2017 sur

On March 29, over 650 people tuned in from around the world to find out more about Redgate’s new database provisioning tool, SQL Clone. The webinar answered the FAQs, included some in-depth demos, and gave a look into the technology behind the tool. Ca …

SQL SERVER – Why We have Audit Trace in DATA Folder? What are These Files?

Publié le 15 mai 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

There are many times when a DBA should work like a detective and find the cause of the issue which is reported by various teams. Sometimes it is an application team, sometimes an infrastructure team and sometimes its own learning. I always believe look …

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