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Announcing the SQL Server Theme Song Winners

Publié le 28 mars 2016 sur

We asked you to pick theme songs to play when SQL Server has issues, and holy cow, you sent in a ton of submissions. We couldn’t possibly pick just one in each category, so each of us picked our own winners – all of whom get a free tra …

Trigger Happy

Publié le 28 mars 2016 sur

This article looks at using triggers to audit and to prevent the performing of unintended actions.

MySQL – How to Drop Table If Exists in Database?

Publié le 28 mars 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

In this post SQL Server – 2016 – T-SQL Enhancement “Drop if Exists” clause, we have seen the new feature introduced in SQL Server version 2016. One of my friends recently asked me question that how to drop table in exists in MyS …

What is a Self Join? Explain with Example – Interview Question of the Week #064

Publié le 27 mars 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

A very popular question I often see in the interviews of developers. It does not matter if you are a SQL developer, .NET developer, JAVA developer or Python Developer, this question is always popular in any interviews. The question is about join in the …

Eight Different Ways to Clear the SQL Server Plan Cache

Publié le 26 mars 2016 sur - glen berry

Nearly anytime you see the command DBCC FREEPROCCACHE mentioned in a blog post, magazine article or book, you usually get some sort of a scary warning about how you should not use it on a production system, or else life as we know it will end. For exam …

SQL SERVER – Patch Upgrade – Failed to connect to server. Error: 0x80070422

Publié le 26 mars 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

One of my recent interaction with a client was to assist in performing Upgrade the SQL Server 2008 R2 with service pack 2. As usual, I asked for setup logs from C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100Setup BootstrapLog folder. There were multiple folder …

SQL Server and the Data Platform for the Future

Publié le 25 mars 2016 sur

Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft Thursday, May 19th at 12pm ET read more

[Video] Office Hours 2016/03/23

Publié le 25 mars 2016 sur

This week, Angie, Doug, Erik, Jessica, Richie, and Tara talk about Microsoft DPM, using database mirroring to make migrations faster, and why Doug doesn’t believe you that you can’t change your code. Here’s the video on YouT …

Why Every SQL Server Installation Should Be a Cluster

Publié le 25 mars 2016 sur

In this article, I’ll attempt to “convince” you that every SQL Server you put into production should be a SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance (FCI). How to track every change to your SQL Server databaseSee who’s changing your d …

MySQL – ELT() and FILED() Functions to Extract Index Position From List

Publié le 25 mars 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

MySQL supports some functions that can be used to extract the index position or the actual value from a set of values arranged as an array. ELT() and FIELD() are example of such functions. Let us understand about them in details. The post MySQL – …

Microsoft Data Insights Summit 2016 Wrap Up

Publié le 24 mars 2016 sur

Richard Hay PowerBI | The first annual summit has concluded with plenty of content left behind Microsoft hosted and livestreamed their first ever PowerBI Data Insights Summit on 22 and 23 March 2016 out in Bellevue, Washington. read more

Minimal Logging when you can’t change the code

Publié le 24 mars 2016 sur

What a gem! Minimal logging is super cool. If you follow all the rules, there’s a pretty good chance it will work! Unfortunately, it’s not always up to you. All sorts of ISVs put out all sorts of bad ideas in form of code. Sort of like in G …

The One ‘Security’ Feature in Oracle You Probably Shouldn’t Use

Publié le 24 mars 2016 sur

Oracle offers a number of security-related settings, but one could definitely create more harm than good. David Fitzjarrell looks at which parameter that is, and why.

Fixing Maintenance Plan Error code 0x534

Publié le 24 mars 2016 sur

This article shows you how to resolve SQL Server maintenance plan execution failure error

Whitepaper: Database deployments: Choosing a state-based or migrations-based approach

Publié le 24 mars 2016 sur

This whitepaper explores the differences between the approaches, state based or migrations based, and how Redgate tools can help.

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