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PowerShell Script – Backup Every Database In SQL Server

Publié le 23 avril 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

Using scripts can be a powerful way to automate things that a GUI will fail in many cases. I was working with a client who wanted to write a PowerShell script that would help him automate his backups. This is a pretty simple requirement that can be eas …

Increasing Enterprise Workload Availability and Flexibility with HPE Superdome X nPars

Publié le 23 avril 2016 sur

The HPE Superdome X’s unique nPAR capability enables you to provide the required levels of availability as well as the flexibility to handle diverse workloads without the costs incurred by having to buy many smaller commodity servers. read more

Stats Week: Only Updating Statistics With Ola Hallengren’s Scripts

Publié le 22 avril 2016 sur

I hate rebuilding indexes There. I said it. It’s not fun. I don’t care all that much for reorgs, either. They’re less intrusive, but man, that LOB compaction stuff can really be time consuming. What I do like is updating statistics. D …

Automatic SSRS report output of all report parameter combinations

Publié le 22 avril 2016 sur

You already have a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) sales report that takes parameters for Country and State. Each time the report is run a user selects the specific Country and State for the report. A request has been made to deliver one report vi …

Reaping the benefits of the Window functions in T-SQL

Publié le 22 avril 2016 sur

Exploring the potential benefits of the T-SQL Window functions (OVER, LAG, and LEAD) in this piece. You can learn how to achieve up to 50% performance boost by replacing a single function call.

Integrating Big Data and SQL Server 2016

Publié le 22 avril 2016 sur

Big Data is quickly becoming an important asset for many businesses as new technologies like IoT (Internet-Of-Things) are being adopted that drive the collection and analysis of vast amounts of data. Michael Otey explains how SQL Server 2016’s Po …

The Tale of the Cunning Dev, Encrypted Procedures, DAC and God Mode = ON – Experts Opinion

Publié le 22 avril 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

This is one of the most interesting story written by my friend Syrovatchenko Sergey. He is an expert on SQL Server and works at Devart. This article is one of the most creative and interesting story I have read in the recent past. It is beautiful and v …

Turning Global Addresses into your Biggest Asset

Publié le 21 avril 2016 sur

Sponsored Blog Are you dealing with national and international records? The more expansive your records are in territory, the more problems you will face when it comes to verifying addresses. Not only are you dealing with language differences, but you …

Breaking News: Query Store in All Editions of SQL Server 2016

Publié le 21 avril 2016 sur

Bob Ward talking Query Store at SQL Intersection Onstage at SQL Intersections in Orlando this morning, Bob Ward announced that Query Store will be available in all editions of SQL Server 2016. This is awesome, because Query Store is a fantastic flight …

Stats Week: Messin’ With Statistics

Publié le 21 avril 2016 sur

If there’s one thing living in Texas has taught me It’s that people are very paranoid that you may Mess With it. Even in Austin, where the citizenry demand weirdness, they are vehemently opposed to any form of Messing, unless it results in …

Migrating an on premise SQL Server Database to Azure

Publié le 21 avril 2016 sur

For this article I want to show you how to import a BACPAC file to create a new Azure SQL Database which is Microsoft’s Platform as a Service(PaaS) offering. Have you got SQL Fingers?Watch these free SQL Prompt tips videos for SQL writing hints f …

SQL SERVER 2016 – Enhancements with AlwaysOn Availability Groups – Notes from the Field #121

Publié le 21 avril 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

[Note from Pinal]: In this episode of the Notes from the Field series database expert Mike Lawell talks about his thoughts and observation about SQL Server 2016 and enhancements with AlwaysOn Availability Groups. When AlwaysOn was newly …

24 Hours of PASS (May 2016) – Agenda and Registration are now available

Publié le 20 avril 2016 sur

Which is the evolution of the Microsoft Data Platform? Find it out on May 25 and 26, 2016 at the « Evolution of the Data Platform » edition of the 24 Hours of PASS!Register now, thanks to the sponsors, the 24 Hours of PASS is presented at no cost for you …

SQL Server 2014 Cumulative Updates (April 2016)

Publié le 20 avril 2016 sur

Microsoft has released the following Cumulative Updates for SQL Server 2014 (RTM and SP1).Cumulative Update 13 for SQL Server 2014 RTMKB 3144517 Download Build number: 12.0.2568.0 SQL Release Services Blog Cumulative Update 6 for SQL Ser …

Preview of the PASS 2016 Business Analytics Conference

Publié le 20 avril 2016 sur

The PASS 2016 Business Analytics Conference is coming to San Jose May 2 – 4, 2016 and SQL Server Pro will be onsite to cover the event. read more

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