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Extending DevOps to the database with Redgate: the role of automated testing

Publié le 15 mars 2018 sur

This webinar will show you how to use Redgate’s SQL Test to include automated testing as part of a database DevOps workflow. There will be a walk-through of an automated build and deployment process with DLM Automation in VSTS, and plenty of time to as …

SharePoint Disaster Recovery Plan

Publié le 15 mars 2018 sur

Hot standby disaster recovery process where SharePoint farm will become available in minutes

What is the ROI of a SQL Server Monitoring Tool?

Publié le 15 mars 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

The increasing size of SQL Server databases, alongside the growing complexity of SQL Server estates, is making more organizations realize the need for a tool that enables proactive monitoring. Let us try to answer a question – What is the RO …

How to Use Conditional SQL Agent Job Flows with AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Publié le 15 mars 2018 sur

To most effectively leverage high-availability capabilities, database administrators must have an understanding of the key issues involved with working with SQL Server Agent and AlwaysOn Availability Groups. Here’s what you need to know (including code …

My #AWSsummit keynote liveblog

Publié le 14 mars 2018 sur

The company I work for, Perion, chose Amazon Web Services as a main cloud provider for managing and operating our applications. These days I am learning how to manage databases and data related flows in the AWS cloud. Which is the reason I have attende …

“Full Stack” Means “Part Time” – or Why DBAs Might Wanna Learn DevOps

Publié le 14 mars 2018 sur

Long before the “full stack developer” phrase became fashionable, us early developers did exactly that. We didn’t do any of these full time, mind you – full stack doesn’t mean full time. Here’s a grid I use to e …

Stairway to U-SQL Level 20: Querying External Data with U-SQL

Publié le 14 mars 2018 sur

Did you know you can query SQL Server data with U-SQL? It’s true! Find out how in this latest stairway step.

SQL SERVER – Database Attach Failure – Msg 2571 – User ‘guest’ Does Not Have Permission to Run DBCC Checkprimaryfile.

Publié le 14 mars 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

One of my clients was trying to recover from a disaster and wanted to attach the MDF and LDF files. While trying to do that, they encountered an error. In this blog we would learn about how to fix the error – User ‘guest’ does not hav …

SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries for March 2018

Publié le 14 mars 2018 sur - glen berry

This month, there are more minor updates to the all of the versions of the queries, primarily in the comments and documentation. I have made the most changes to the SQL Server 2017 version this month. I have also developed a T-SQL script that you can u …

An Easier Way of Transposing Query Result in SQL Server

Publié le 13 mars 2018 sur

I like Phil Factor’s articles. The latest one, An Easier Way of Pivoting Data in SQL Server, inspired me to start exploring another option to transpose a result from a query. There are many situations in which the results of a query look better w …

Announcing 2 New Online Classes: Database DevOps and Practical Real-World Performance Tuning

Publié le 13 mars 2018 sur

We’re proud to announce that in addition to our existing summer lineup: Always On Availability Groups: The Senior DBA’s Field Guide with Edwin Sarmiento, 3 days $2,995 Data Science Fundamentals with R with Steph Locke, 2 days, $1,995 PowerS …

Consider using [NOT] EXISTS instead of [NOT] IN (subquery)

Publié le 13 mars 2018 sur

The query optimizer now treats EXISTS and IN the same way, whenever it can, so you’re unlikely to see any significant performance differences. Nevertheless, you need to be cautious when using the NOT IN operator if the subquery’s source dat …

AI in Industries

Publié le 13 mars 2018 sur

It is important to showcase how Artificial Intelligence is being used in various fields and industries with some facts

SQL SERVER – Puzzle – How Does YEAR Function Work?

Publié le 13 mars 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

There are many different datetime related functions such as DAY, MONTH, YEAR, DATEDIFF, etc available in SQL Server. For example, YEAR function can be used to extract year value from a date. Let me show you a simple example DECLARE @TRANSACTION_DATE DA …

[Exclusive] Practical Real World Performance Tuning – Live Training Session for Limited Time

Publié le 12 mars 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

I am happy to announce that the new course Practical Real-World Performance Tuning, along with Brent Ozar (blog) is now live. We are accepting the registration for a limited time. This is very unique opportunity …

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