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Local #dax measures in #powerbi reports are not visible from #Excel

Publié le 28 août 2017 sur

I just published a new blog post on SQLBI. You can read it at this link:

An Expensive Reason To Avoid AGs In Azure

Publié le 28 août 2017 sur

Cash Rules Most people, when they get through paying for Azure, and SQL Server Enterprise Licensing, are left with a hole in their wallet that could only be filled with something that says “Bugatti”, and has a speedometer with an infinity s …

[Video] Office Hours 2017/08/23 (With Transcriptions)

Publié le 28 août 2017 sur

This week, Brent, Erik, Tara, and Richie discuss index fragmentation, Azure disk speeds, Availability Groups, database restores, optimize for ad hoc setting, forced parameterization, BI consultants, index views, SPN registrations, and more. Here’ …

TDS Remoting: A Better Way to Create Linked Servers for ODBC Sources

Publié le 28 août 2017 sur

TDS remoting services provide a native SQL experience with local and remote ODBC data sources (contrast with limitations of using OLE DB).

Implementing Azure SQL Data Sync in the Azure Portal

Publié le 28 août 2017 sur

Azure SQL Data Sync, which has been lingering in the Preview mode since its introduction seven years ago, no longer requires the use of the Azure classic portal; you can finally access it by using the current Azure portal. Marcin Policht steps you thro …

SQL Census update: new server view

Publié le 28 août 2017 sur

SQL Census is a prototype from Redgate Foundry that helps you trace SQL Server user access permissions. Find out what’s new and what’s next for the tool in this blog post from Santiago Arias.

SQL SERVER – Get Wait Stats Related to Specific Session ID With sys.dm_exec_session_wait_stats

Publié le 28 août 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

First thing first, this feature of getting wait stats related to Specific Session ID with sys.dm_exec_session_wait_stats will only work with SQL Server 2016 or later version of SQL Server. If you attempt to run this on earlier versions of SQL Serv …

Upgrading SQL Server– Useful Improvements in SQL Server 2017

Publié le 28 août 2017 sur - glen berry

Even though much of the development effort and resources in SQL Server 2017 has been used to get SQL Server running as a first-class citizen on Linux, there are some interesting new features and improvements in SQL Server 2017 regardless of what operat …

What is the Biggest Limitation of ISDATE() Function? – Interview Question of the Week #137

Publié le 27 août 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

Question: What is the Biggest Limitation of ISDATE() Function? Answer: I really wish the original question was asked in this format. Instead in the last meeting, the question was actually asked was following: Why do the first query returns 1 and second …

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) – Unable to Connect to SSIS – The Specified Service Does Not Exist as an Installed Service

Publié le 26 août 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

After installing the latest version of SSMS (17.2), I was not able to connect to SQL Server Integration Services SSIS on my local machine. Here is the text of the error message. Connecting to the Integration Services service on the computer “LOCA …

Upgrading SQL Server– Top Five Intel Xeon Scalable Processors for SQL Server Usage

Publié le 25 août 2017 sur - glen berry

On July 11, 2017, Intel formally released their new Xeon Scalable Processor Family of processors for data center usage. This new processor family has a somewhat ridiculous 58 different SKUs in the line. They are broken up into Platinum 8xxx, Gold 6xxx, …

Thoughts about submitting a new Power BI Quick Measure

Publié le 25 août 2017 sur

‘Quick Measures’ is a feature included in Power BI Desktop April update. It’s still in preview, so you need to enable this feature in order to use it. Inside Power BI Desktop, click ‘File’->‘Options and Setti …

Same blog, new home

Publié le 25 août 2017 sur

The historical content of my blog is also available on, and future posts will appear there first. I will continue to keep this blog (on updated when I will publish new posts, including a link to the full post published …

What Are Poison Waits?

Publié le 25 août 2017 sur

Most of the time, SQL Server performance tuning starts with your top wait stats. Run sp_BlitzFirst @SinceStartup = 1, look at your top couple of wait types, and that’s where to focus your efforts. However, even small amounts of certain wait types …

SQL Server and Data Governance

Publié le 25 août 2017 sur

Does your organization have a data governance program, or are you thinking of implementing one? Redgate want to hear from you, as they’re collecting data that will later be published in a report on the topic. Complete their survey to receive a copy of …

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