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Stairway to Columnstore Indexes Level 5: Adding New Data To Columnstore Indexes

Publié le 18 avril 2018 sur

Earlier levels have shown how Columnstore Indexes work effectively with static data. In most tables however, data is hardly ever static. We are constantly inserting new rows, and updating or deleting existing rows. If you think about what this means fo …

SQL SERVER – Steps to Deploy Distributed Availability Group – Windows Clusters in Different Domains

Publié le 18 avril 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

In the current era where companies’ mergers and take over is a common phenomenon, it is possible to run into a situation where there are two domains which are connected but not trusted. I was engaged in consulting for a client who had a similar m …

Read committed doesn’t guarantee much…

Publié le 17 avril 2018 sur - paul randall

A while back I was involved in an email thread where people were wondering about some ‘weird’ behavior from SQL Server. The problem was occurring on SQL Server 2016 and used the default isolation level of read committed. The scenario w …

Parking Garages And Predicates

Publié le 17 avril 2018 sur

Hotels on Wheels Parking garages and predicates have a “lot” in common. GET IT? No no but seriously. They do. If you’ve ever lost your ticket, forgotten where you’ve parked, or just driven around hopelessly waiting to see an emp …

Effective Database Testing with SQL Test and SQL Cover

Publié le 17 avril 2018 sur

A well-established technique for improving application code quality, during software development, is to run unit tests, in conjunction with a code coverage tool. The aim is not only to test that your software components behave as you would expect, but …

Fixing system database corruption with setup.exe

Publié le 17 avril 2018 sur

Corruption of the system databases is a serious matter. Setup.exe is a brute force method of replacing them.

SQL SERVER – Event ID 1069 – Unable to Failover Clustered Instance to Another Node. Resource is not Loaded

Publié le 17 avril 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

While playing with my lab cluster, I ran into a situation. In this blog, we would learn about a situation where failover was not working from one node to another node. Everything used to work fine on Node1. Let us fix the error related to failover clus …

Provisioning SQL Server Instances with Docker

Publié le 16 avril 2018 sur

We DBAs tend to make a meal out of provisioning SQL Server instances. We just aren’t used to the idea of being able to get a SQL Server instance up and running without a lengthy setup and the installation of all those prerequisites. However, our …

Building SQL ConstantCare®: The Database

Publié le 16 avril 2018 sur

I bet, dear reader, that this is the post you’ve been really curious about in my behind-the-scenes posts. Back in the post about the data we collect, you may remember that our initial goal was to analyze high-priority issues like missing backups …

Redgate’s SQL Privacy Summit – London, 18 May

Publié le 16 avril 2018 sur

Are you responsible for data privacy and protection of SQL Server databases in your organization? Then you might be interested in Redgate’s brand new conference, the SQL Privacy Summit, taking place in London on Friday 18 May.

SQL Server From .Net: Making A Connection

Publié le 16 avril 2018 sur

A basic introduction for developers about creating a connection from .Net to SQL Server, and some of the options available.

Using T-SQL to Detect Stock Price Reversals with the RSI

Publié le 16 avril 2018 sur

Rick Dobson explains the Relative Strength Index (RSI), and shows how to create a TSQL script that computes the RSI for a stock closing price series.

SQL SERVER – Unable to Add Node – Could not find subkey System CurrentControlSet Services MSSQLFDLauncher. Error code 0x851B0001

Publié le 16 avril 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

This was an interesting scenario I encountered when configuring one of the clusters. I had finished installing SQL Server on Node1 and had started running ADD NODE on Node2. We got this error in the setup wizard before reaching the Service Account Pass …

[Video] Office Hours 2018/4/11 (With Transcriptions) with Special Guest Edwin M Sarmiento

Publié le 15 avril 2018 sur

This week @EdwinMSarmiento joins Brent, Tara, Erik, and Richie to discuss high availability disaster recovery, migrating from on-premises server to Amazon’s RDS, AlwaysON Availability Groups, auto-growth issues, rebuilding vs dropping/re-creating …

What are Ports Needed to Configure Log Shipping? – Interview Question of the Week #169

Publié le 15 avril 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

Question: What are Ports Needed to Configure Log Shipping? Answer: I thought it would be easy to find that from the internet but looks like it was not as easy as I thought. So, in this blog, we would learn about ports needed for log shipping. …

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