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Provisioning SQL Server Instances with Docker

Publié le 16 avril 2018 sur

We DBAs tend to make a meal out of provisioning SQL Server instances. We just aren’t used to the idea of being able to get a SQL Server instance up and running without a lengthy setup and the installation of all those prerequisites. However, our …

Building SQL ConstantCare®: The Database

Publié le 16 avril 2018 sur

I bet, dear reader, that this is the post you’ve been really curious about in my behind-the-scenes posts. Back in the post about the data we collect, you may remember that our initial goal was to analyze high-priority issues like missing backups …

Redgate’s SQL Privacy Summit – London, 18 May

Publié le 16 avril 2018 sur

Are you responsible for data privacy and protection of SQL Server databases in your organization? Then you might be interested in Redgate’s brand new conference, the SQL Privacy Summit, taking place in London on Friday 18 May.

SQL Server From .Net: Making A Connection

Publié le 16 avril 2018 sur

A basic introduction for developers about creating a connection from .Net to SQL Server, and some of the options available.

Using T-SQL to Detect Stock Price Reversals with the RSI

Publié le 16 avril 2018 sur

Rick Dobson explains the Relative Strength Index (RSI), and shows how to create a TSQL script that computes the RSI for a stock closing price series.

SQL SERVER – Unable to Add Node – Could not find subkey System CurrentControlSet Services MSSQLFDLauncher. Error code 0x851B0001

Publié le 16 avril 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

This was an interesting scenario I encountered when configuring one of the clusters. I had finished installing SQL Server on Node1 and had started running ADD NODE on Node2. We got this error in the setup wizard before reaching the Service Account Pass …

[Video] Office Hours 2018/4/11 (With Transcriptions) with Special Guest Edwin M Sarmiento

Publié le 15 avril 2018 sur

This week @EdwinMSarmiento joins Brent, Tara, Erik, and Richie to discuss high availability disaster recovery, migrating from on-premises server to Amazon’s RDS, AlwaysON Availability Groups, auto-growth issues, rebuilding vs dropping/re-creating …

What are Ports Needed to Configure Log Shipping? – Interview Question of the Week #169

Publié le 15 avril 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

Question: What are Ports Needed to Configure Log Shipping? Answer: I thought it would be easy to find that from the internet but looks like it was not as easy as I thought. So, in this blog, we would learn about ports needed for log shipping. …

SQL SERVER – Be Careful with Logon Triggers – Don’t use Host_Name

Publié le 14 avril 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

Before you read further, let me warn you that Logon triggers are potentially evil and might also end up locking everyone out of the instance. Be careful! Don’t just copy paste the code and create the trigger, you might end up in downtime to fix t …

Training Week: Data Science Fundamentals with a Real Project

Publié le 13 avril 2018 sur

When Steph Locke first ran her Data Science Fundamentals with R class, I was amazed at the work she put into the hands-on labs for the students. They had real challenges to help them learn how to model different kinds of data and learn answers fro …

SSIS Design Pattern – Staging Fixed Width Flat Files

Publié le 13 avril 2018 sur

Learn how to load fixed width flat files to staging tables in this article from Samuel Vanga.

How to find a specific text string in a SQL Server Stored Procedure, Function, View or Trigger

Publié le 13 avril 2018 sur

How can I accurately find which SQL Server Stored Procedures, Views or Functions are using a specific text string, which can be a table name or anything like a string starting with ‘XYZ’?

SQL SERVER – Error: 1067 – Unable to Bring Analysis Service Online in Cluster

Publié le 13 avril 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

Even after working with many clients on various issues (Always On, Deployment, Performance Tuning) I always get new challenges as a part of my freelancing job. One thing I have learned is that one needs a systematic approach to diagnose the issue and, …

Training Week: Announcing Ben Miller’s PowerShell for DBAs: Level 2

Publié le 12 avril 2018 sur

Drew Furgiuele‘s PowerShell for DBAs class has been getting rave reviews, including: “Fantastic class! This is the best online training I’ve ever taken. Very slick setup using the webinar for learning, an AWS VM for labs, and slack fo …

Extending DevOps to the database: branching and merging

Publié le 12 avril 2018 sur

This webinar will focus on branching and merging with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) as part of a DevOps approach to database development. It will also show how Redgate tools plug into VSTS to enable the build, test and deployment of your database …

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