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Life Lessons – Are There Rules for Interacting With Customers?

Publié le 15 juillet 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

I personally don’t claim to know everything and most of my soft skills, learning / techniques has got seasoned over the years. It is something I try to emulate, learn and get guidance from 100’s of people I meet daily. I vividly remember ta …

Hotfix Released for July 2016 SQL Server Management Studio Download

Publié le 14 juillet 2016 sur

The Microsoft Data Platform MVPs and SQL Server Product Group at Microsoft have worked hard to identify and resolve issues from the July 2016 release of SQL Server Management Studio. The hotfix with these changes has just been released. read more

Why Not Just Create Statistics?

Publié le 14 juillet 2016 sur

Here at Brent Ozar Unlimited We have a proud tradition of not blaming index fragmentation for everything. There are points you should deal with it, but they’re probably not 5% and 30% and 1000 pages. But that’s not what this blog post is ab …

HPE Superdome X and SQL Server In-Memory OLTP Powers Online Financial Services

Publié le 14 juillet 2016 sur

It’s one thing to quote performance numbers and availability measures, and quite another to see how these statistics translate into real-world implementations. read more

Stairway to DLM Dashboard Level 2: Setting up DLM Dashboard

Publié le 14 juillet 2016 sur

Learn how to install and configure your initial DLM Dashboard instance.

Introduction to Row Level Security in SQL 2016

Publié le 14 juillet 2016 sur

In SQL 2016 several new security features gets introduced which will help users to protect their data in many ways. New security feature Row Level Security (RLS) which implements the security inside the database itself, not at application level. How to …

SQL SERVER 2016 – Encrypt Your PII Data – Notes from the Field #132

Publié le 14 juillet 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

[Note from Pinal]: In this episode of the Notes from the Field series database expert Mike Lawell talks about his thoughts and observation about SQL Server 2016 Encryption. Security of the data is very important and we often spend so man …

Can Adding an Index Make SQL Server 2016…Worse?

Publié le 13 juillet 2016 sur

Using the StackOverflow database, let’s check out Krock’s query. He’s a competitive fella, and he’s looking to find users who signed up for StackOverflow after he did, but who have a higher reputation than he does. I’ …

Enterprise Database Monitoring Tools for SQL Server and the HPE Superdome X Platform

Publié le 13 juillet 2016 sur

Ongoing database monitoring and management is one of the most important jobs that the enterprise database professional has. Ongoing monitoring is essential to keeping your SQL Server system—and the systems working with it–operating efficiently. …

Different Options for Importing Data into SQL Server

Publié le 13 juillet 2016 sur

Moving data into SQL Server is something that most DBAs or Developers are faced with probably on a daily basis. In this article, Greg Robidoux explores the various options for doing so.

Stairway to Server Management Objects (SMO) Level 2: Connections and Creating Server Inventories

Publié le 13 juillet 2016 sur

Learn how to get started working with SMO and PowerShell.

SQL SERVER 2016 – Find Expiry Date of Developer Edition

Publié le 13 juillet 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

The title of the blog is little weird, but it was a question asked to me by a developer. Have you ever got such error messages which are strange yet difficult to comprehend? He told me that he has installed SQL Server 2016 developer edition from MSDN ( …

Geek City: My SQL Server 2016 RTM In-memory OLTP Whitepaper

Publié le 12 juillet 2016 sur

Finally, we have a download available. You can go to this page and scroll down to the section ‘Technical Resources’. (NOT the section on the left called White papers). Click on “SQL Server 2016 I …

New Course: Statistics – SQL Server’s Guessing Game

Publié le 12 juillet 2016 sur

Closed captioned for your statistical pleasure You have to make queries go faster, and you suspect that outdated or inaccurate statistics are hurting your execution plans. Doug Lane is here to help with his new $29 video course, Statistics: SQL Se …

What You Need to Know about the Batch Mode Window Aggregate Operator in SQL Server 2016: Part 2

Publié le 12 juillet 2016 sur

SQL Server 2016 introduces the batch mode Window Aggregate operator, which dramatically improves the performance of calculating window functions. Besides the general performance advantages of batch mode processing compared to row mode processing, this …

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