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Step by Step Configuring a Dedicated Network for Availability Group

Publié le 10 avril 2017 sur

In this article, I will show a procedure to isolate the replication traffic from the public network.

SQL SERVER – FIX: Error: 913, Severity: 16 – Could Not Find Database ID 3. Database May Not be Activated Yet or May be in Transition – SQL Service

Publié le 10 avril 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

This blog is a result of a Skype conversation with one of my clients. The issue, for which they contacted me, was that they were not able to stat SQL Service due to database may not be activated. I asked to share SQL Server ERRORLOG files using below b …

Right-aligning numbers in T-SQL

Publié le 9 avril 2017 sur

When you output a series of numbers in T-SQL, people often want to right-align the numbers. So instead of numbers that look like this: They want an output that looks like this: Now the first thing to understand is that this is generally a client-tool o …

How to Change Owner of Database in SQL SERVER? – Interview Question of the Week #116

Publié le 9 avril 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

Question: How to Change Owner of Database in SQL SERVER? Answer: There are three different ways to do this task of changing owner but I preferred the method 1 to do so. Method 1: (Preferred)  You can run following script in SQL Server Managem …

Big Data vs. Sampling

Publié le 8 avril 2017 sur

Merriam-Webster defines sampling as: the act, process, or technique of selecting a suitable sample ; specifically :  the act, process, or technique of selecting a representative part of a population for the purpose of determining parameters or cha …

SQL SERVER – Unable to Install Service Pack in Cluster – There was an Error to Lookup Cluster Resource Types

Publié le 8 avril 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

Learning never stops for me with SQL Server. Even though I have written articles to solve many issues, I still get pinged from various clients and I find one new thing every day. In this blog post we will learn how to fix the error related to installin …

PascalCase and camelCase strings in T-SQL

Publié le 8 avril 2017 sur

Yesterday, I discussed changing the case of T-SQL strings to ProperCase, TitleCase, SnakeCase, and KebabCase. But there are other case options that can be needed. For example, often when I’m programmatically generating code, I want to create iden …

First Responder Kit Release: Now With 100% More Working Code Than The Irish Space Program

Publié le 7 avril 2017 sur

Every April I think about this girl I grew up with named April who smelled like Cheez-Wiz. She died tragically in a home for the blind on Taco Tuesday. Special thanks to @jeffrosenberg , @mrthomsmith , @rwhoward for contributing this month. Your compli …

SQL Server 2016 Online ALTER COLUMN Operation

Publié le 7 avril 2017 sur

Learn about the time savings, blocking scenarios, limitations and more for the SQL Server 2016 online ALTER COLUMN operation.

SQL SERVER – Unable to recycle Errorlog – sp_cycle_errorlog – OS error 1392

Publié le 7 avril 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

One of my clients contacted me and informed that they have a node production clustered server and they recently noticed that the nightly error log had stopped cycling ERRORLOGs. When we attempted to run sp_cycle_errorlog we get the following: Msg 17049 …

Converting T-SQL strings to Proper Case, Camel Case, Snake Case, or Kebab Case

Publié le 6 avril 2017 sur

Often when I’m moving data around (usually with SSIS but also with just T-SQL), I need to take text that is all capitalized or simply has messed-up capitalization, and convert it to something that looks better (and more human readable) in the tar …

Questions About SQL Server Collations You Were Too Shy to Ask

Publié le 6 avril 2017 sur

What is a SQL Server collation? How do I find the collations supported on a SQL Server instance? How do I identify Unicode-only collations? What are the differences between Windows collations and SQL Server collations? How do I set the collation at the …

Scala and Apache Spark in Tandem as a Next-Generation ETL Framework

Publié le 6 avril 2017 sur

ETL redefined ETL is a well-known acronym, standing for Extract, Transform and Load. It is identified particularly with data warehouse workloads and business intelligence applications. Nowadays, however, any regular process of data movement in a data-d …

Statistics in SQL: Pearson’s Correlation

Publié le 6 avril 2017 sur

When you have two variables, one of the first questions you’d probably like to ask is, ‘how closely are they related?’ These variables could be attributes whose values come from measurements, scores or other types of quantity. Are you …

Comparing SSIS Catalog Contents Using DBFit Framework

Publié le 6 avril 2017 sur

Unfortunately you can’t easily compare SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) projects with previous versions of the same projects. Because of this, it is very difficult to detect potential problems with a release before a deployment takes place. …

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