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Announcing The Team Membership

Publié le 22 octobre 2018 sur

You have a team of database developers and DBAs – SQL Server professionals who want dedicated help. You want a predictable bill that includes training, mentoring, consulting meetings, and career growth. In The Team Membership, you get: Live …

Thank you, #sqlfamily, for donating to The Trevor Project.

Publié le 22 octobre 2018 sur

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about how Andy Mallon’s LGBTQ Meetup was raising money for The Trevor Project, and how we’d match up to $5,000 of your donations. This weekend, you did it. You hit the $5,000 mark. I’m so proud of yo …

Merging a Conflict with SQL Source Control and Beyond Compare

Publié le 22 octobre 2018 sur

This article describes a simple example of what it’s like to merge a conflict in SQL Source Control. You will need to have installed Beyond Compare, one of the tools which integrates with SQL Source Control to resolve conflicts.

Generate QR Code® barcodes in an SSRS report with the QRCoder library

Publié le 22 octobre 2018 sur

QRCoder is an open source implementation of standards specification ISO/IEC 18004, which defines the requirements for two-dimensional QR Code symbols. It is a more complete implementation of the standard than the open source QRCode4CS library that was …


Publié le 22 octobre 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

As you might already know that I am a SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert who also acts as a “on-demand consultant” for many organizations across the world who have performance tuning or any other issue related to SQL Server. Once I was wo …

Calling all user group leaders! We want to present for you in 2019!

Publié le 22 octobre 2018 sur - paul randall

By the end of December, we at SQLskills will have presented remotely (and a few in-person) to more than 100 user groups and PASS virtual chapters around the world in 2018! We’d love to present remotely for your user group in 2019, anywh …

[Video] Office Hours 2018/10/17 (With Transcriptions)

Publié le 21 octobre 2018 sur

This week, Brent, Erik, and Richie discuss small vendor apps, “Slow in the Application, Fast in SSMS?”, virtualization, licensing, msdb backup history issues, implicit transactions, how to convince your boss to allow you to use sp_blitz, an …

Do Index Reorganization Update Statistics? – Interview Question of the Week #196

Publié le 21 octobre 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

Question: Do Index Reorganization Update Statistics? Answer: No. Index Reorganization does not update Statistics of your database. This is one of the most common questions I receive during my SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Works …

SQL SERVER – Always On Availability Groups and Full-Text Index

Publié le 20 octobre 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

One of the most successful offerings from me has been Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. Sometimes during my assistance, some random issues appear which I try to solve as well. In a recent engagement, one of their developers asked a quest …

Baselines for SQL Server and Azure SQL Database

Publié le 19 octobre 2018 sur - Erin Stellato

Last week I got an email from a community member who had read this older article of mine on baselining, and asked if there were any updates related to SQL Server 2016, SQL Server 2017, or vNext (SQL Server 2019). It was a really good question. I haven …

Is Cost Threshold for Parallelism Measured in Seconds?

Publié le 19 octobre 2018 sur

SQL Server automatically chooses when to divide your query’s work across multiple CPU cores. It makes that decision based on your query’s cost. To see it, let’s throw 1,000,000 tiny rows in a table:CREATE TABLE dbo.Timeless(ID INT IDE …

The Real World: Implementing Data Compression in SQL Server 2008 R2

Publié le 19 octobre 2018 sur

Sharing our experience using Data Compression as a space savings option in MS SQL Server 2008

The 4 pillars of SQL Server Monitoring

Publié le 19 octobre 2018 sur

In this new whitepaper, 5 SQL Server experts; Grant Fritchey, Rodney Landrum, Kathi Kellenberger, Phil Factor and Tony Davis, use their many years of experience working and maintaining data systems to explain the 4 key strategies required for a success …

SQL SERVER – New way to use DBCC Page in SQL Server 2019

Publié le 19 octobre 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

As soon as new version of SQL Server is announced, I always try to find new things and update my old post with new information or write a new post. In this blog we would learn about new function introduced in SQL Server 2019 which is a partial replacem …

What Should We Change About the Data Professional Salary Survey for 2019?

Publié le 18 octobre 2018 sur

Every year, we publish an open Data Professional Salary Survey. Last year, 3,113 folks from 73 countries answered, so we’re doing it again this year. Here are the questions we asked last year. If there’s any changes you want to make, l …

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