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Empty Thoughts: Working with NULL

Publié le 10 janvier 2019 sur

One of the hardest concepts in learning SQL is the meaning of a NULL. Traditionally, programming languages had no concept of missing or UNKNOWN data. The closest example that most programmers ran into was the ‘not applicable’ flags in sprea …

How Should We Show Statistics Histograms in sp_BlitzIndex?

Publié le 10 janvier 2019 sur

If you’re a graduate of my free How to Think Like the SQL Server Engine course – and you’d better be, dear reader – then you’re vaguely familiar with DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS. It’s a command that shows you the conte …

Introducing Azure SQL Database Hyperscale

Publié le 10 janvier 2019 sur

With Azure SQL Database Hyperscale, databases can quickly auto-scale up to 100TB, eliminating the need to pre-provision storage resources, and significantly expand the potential for app growth without being limited by storage size.

The Basics of iTVFs

Publié le 10 janvier 2019 sur

Learn the basics of inline table valued functions in this short article.

SQL SERVER – Copy Data From SSMS Query Result to Excel

Publié le 10 janvier 2019 sur journey to sqlauthority

Just another day I received a question via email about how to Copy Data From SSMS Query Result to Excel? This is indeed a very simple question but trusts me not everyone knows everything and this blog is dedicated to learning new things – a …

Different Query Store Settings for a Database in an Availability Group

Publié le 9 janvier 2019 sur - Erin Stellato

Last week there was a question on #sqlhelp on Twitter about the status of Query Store for a database in an Availability Group. I’ve written about Query Store and Availability Groups before so if you’re not familiar with QS behavior in an AG …

Getting Started with GitHub for SQL Server Developers

Publié le 9 janvier 2019 sur

Learn some of the basics of GitHub and how this can be utilized for your SQL Server development projects.

Stairway to DAX and Power BI – Level 9: Function / Iterator Function Pairs: The DAX MAX() and MAXX() Functions

Publié le 9 janvier 2019 sur

As a part of his « Function / Iterator Pairs » mini-series, Business Intelligence architect, Analysis Services Maestro, SQL Server MVP, and author Bill Pearson introduces the DAX MAX() and MAXX() functions, discussing similarities and differences. He the …

SQL SERVER – Cleanup Plan Cache For a Single Database

Publié le 9 janvier 2019 sur journey to sqlauthority

During my recent Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, we had implemented quite a few improvements in the database. After making the improvements in the database, we reached to the point where we needed to clear the cache of the server …

Consultants: want a utility to gather SQL Server data?

Publié le 8 janvier 2019 sur

When you’re a consultant, you need to get diagnostic data from your clients. When you’re talking to a new sales prospect – do you waste a lot of time asking basic investigation questions like what version they’re on, how much da …

Azure DWH part 29: MicroStrategy Desktop with Azure

Publié le 8 janvier 2019 sur

In this article, we will show how to connect MicroStrategy Desktop with ASDW.

Factors Behind Successfully and Repeatedly Executing Digital Transformation Programs at a Lightning Pace

Publié le 8 janvier 2019 sur

IT transformation projects often fail due to poor planning, poor communication and more. In this article, Mohammad Rizvi explains how to be successful and give your customer a great experience.

Azure Data Explorer

Publié le 8 janvier 2019 sur

Read this white paper to get a better understanding of the architecture and technology powering Azure Data Explorer, a fast and highly scalable data exploration service.

SQL SERVER – How to Optimize Your Server Performance by Reducing IO Waits?

Publié le 8 janvier 2019 sur journey to sqlauthority

SQL Server performance tuning is often considered as a complex subject and many DBAs and Developers often see SQL Server Engines as a black box. However, the reality is very different as SQL Server Performance tuning is often a simple art of balancing …

Protecting SQL Server Data Using Static Data Masking

Publié le 7 janvier 2019 sur

Are you providing adequate protection to your sensitive and confidential data? I’m sure we all do our best to protect our confidential data in a production environment by allowing only approved methods to access production data. But how are you p …

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