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Azure SQL Data Warehouse free — for a month

Publié le 26 octobre 2016 sur

Take Azure SQL Data Warehouse for a spin risk free with new trial program Who doesn’t like getting something free? At SQL PASS Summit 2016, Microsoft announced free month-long trials of SQL Data Warehouse between now and December 31, 2016. read mo …

At SQL PASS 2016, Microsoft releases beta of Cognitive Toolkit 2.0

Publié le 26 octobre 2016 sur

Michael Morisy Satya Nadella’s vision for Microsoft: Be the « Gutenberg Press » of the AI age At SQL PASS Summit 2016, Microsoft’s been making a number of announcements that go beyond SQL and into the future of how data is analyzed. One of those announce …

Sending Results of DBCC CHECKDB SQL Agent Job Via Email

Publié le 26 octobre 2016 sur

Sending the results of DBCC CHECKDB is not too difficult but there is a couple of things that, if you’ve not dealt with before, will serve as issues with successfully architecting a solution. read more

At SQL PASS 2016, Microsoft unveils public preview of Azure Analysis Services

Publié le 26 octobre 2016 sur

Michael Morisy Self service BI, now as a service As Michael Otey noted last week, there’s a lot going on at SQL PASS this year. One of the big announcements: Azure Analysis Services public preview. Initially available in South-Central US …

Importing Excel Data into Power BI Desktop

Publié le 26 octobre 2016 sur

For many organizations, Microsoft Excel remains a critical tool for recording, calculating, and sharing data, especially when it comes to number crunching and disseminating vital information. Those workbooks contain a great deal of important data, and …

PASS Summit 2016 – Blogging again – Keynote 1

Publié le 26 octobre 2016 sur

.So I’m back at the PASS Summit, and the keynote’s on! We’re all getting ready for a bunch of announcements about what’s coming in the world of the Microsoft Data Platform. First up – Adam Jorgensen. Some useful stats abou …

My How to Think Like the Engine Class is Now Free – and Open Source

Publié le 26 octobre 2016 sur

You’re a developer or a DBA, and you’re comfortable writing queries to get the data you need. You’re much less comfortable trying to design the right indexes for your database server. You’ve never had a formal database internals …

8 Ways to Export SQL Results To a Text File

Publié le 26 octobre 2016 sur

This tip will show eight ways to export the results of a query to a text file. How to fix SQL Server disk I/O bottlenecks (without a hammer)In this new article, Simple-Talk editor Tony Davis explains step-by-step how to find and fix the root causes of …

Real-time Operational Analytics in SQL Server 2016 – Part 2

Publié le 26 octobre 2016 sur

Arshad Ali discusses the different design considerations for leveraging the Real-time Operational Analytics feature of SQL Server 2016, covering the different scenarios where it fits or does not fit, and how to get started with it for disk based tables …

SQL SERVER – FIX Error 5120 – Database is in Read Only Mode After Attaching Files

Publié le 26 octobre 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

Sometimes you need to know more about permissions on file, service account etc. to fix certain errors. In my recent visit to a customer location, one of the database developers came to me with a problem. He said that when he attaches MDF and LDF file t …

Announcing our 2017 SQL Server Training Scholarship Winners

Publié le 25 octobre 2016 sur

We’re serious about the heart thing. Right now, all over the world, people are using SQL Server to make the world a better place. Sadly, most of these teams are underfunded, understaffed, and undertrained. They’re doing the best they c …

Learn Advanced Query Tuning in Washington DC

Publié le 25 octobre 2016 sur

Just about every database professional on Earth has the same goal: Make things faster. There are numerous ways to achieve that goal, but for many people it comes down to a series of hunches, guesses, and trying whatever seemed to work last time. What i …

Master Data Services – The Basics

Publié le 25 octobre 2016 sur

Master Data Services (MDS) is Microsoft’s platform for supporting Master Data Management (MDM). A system like MDS, if properly maintained, gives organisations a powerful alternative to increasingly having to centralize databases as a way of preventing …

Managing Registered servers with SQL Powershell

Publié le 25 octobre 2016 sur

Learn how to generate Registered Servers with PowerShell in this article.

SQL SERVER – Displaying SQL Agent Jobs Running at a Specific Time

Publié le 25 octobre 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

Recently I was troubleshooting at a customer location something that looked trivial. When the customer approached me for a consulting requirement wherein they were saying their system was going unresponsive every day in the morning around a certain tim …

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