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Creating Partition on Existing tables and Rolling Partitions

Publié le 12 septembre 2016 sur

this article describes about creating partitions on our existing Tables and also gives details about how to create rolling partition to support new data

Real-time Operational Analytics in SQL Server 2016 – Part 1

Publié le 12 septembre 2016 sur

Arshad Ali takes a look at traditional analytics architecture, the challenges it faces, and how the newly introduced Real-time Operational Analytics feature overcomes those challenges.

MySQL – Fix Error – WordPress Database Error Duplicate Entry for key PRIMARY for Query INSERT INTO wp_options

Publié le 12 septembre 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

As many of you know that this blog runs on WordPress and under the hood of WordPress there is a MySQL database. MySQL database is quite good and is able to hold massive traffic this blog receives every day. However, just like any database MySQL needs t …

How to Hide Stored Procedure’s Code? – WITH ENCRYPTION – Interview Question of the Week #087

Publié le 11 septembre 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

Question: How to Hide Stored Procedure’s Code so anyone with access to stored procedure cannot see it? Answer: WITH ENCRYPTION. This is one of the very popular question, I often hear. Today I decided that I will include this in the next inte …

The Essential Guide to SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services

Publié le 10 septembre 2016 sur

This guide provides a quick tour of the Reporting Services 2016 product suite and the end-to-end solution design experience. read more

The Importance of Data Profiling

Publié le 10 septembre 2016 sur

In this whitepaper, you will rediscover the importance of profiling and explore interesting and useful forms of metadata that the profiling process generates. You will also uncover advanced techniques to ascertain the quality of your data, as well as t …

I’m Presenting at SQL Saturday Charlotte (#560) Next Saturday!

Publié le 10 septembre 2016 sur

I’m honored and all giggly with anticipation about presenting at SQL Saturday 560 in Charlotte next Saturday, 17 Sep 2016! I’m presenting Biml and SSIS Frameworks , and I hope to see many of you there. For the SSIS Frameworks part of my pre …

[Video] Office Hours 2016/09/07 (With Transcriptions)

Publié le 10 septembre 2016 sur

This week, Brent, Richie, Erik, and Tara discuss parameter sniffing, database backups, referential integrity in databases, clustering, creating and using indexes, in-place upgrades, bench marking tools, and more. Here’s the video on YouTube: You …

SQL SERVER – Setup Screen Not Launching While Updating a Patch

Publié le 10 septembre 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

This is one of the client contacts where I realized the importance of looking at right log file. The client said that he double clicks the.exe, a window flash by and disappears. It looked like something was happening, but it’s failing to move for …

24 Hours of PASS (September 2016): Recordings now available!

Publié le 9 septembre 2016 sur

 The Sessions of the event 24 Hours of PASS named « Summit Preview Edition » (held the last September 2016 on 07 and 08) were recorded and now they are available for online streaming! If you have missed one session in particular or the entire e …

New Features in SQL Server Master Data Services

Publié le 9 septembre 2016 sur

MDS plays a very important role for businesses that need to create single master data view of their data, when that data comes from multiple data sources and is described differently in each of those sources. read more

Managing the HPE Superdome X with the Onboard Administrator

Publié le 9 septembre 2016 sur

The HPE Superdome X is managed using the Superdome Onboard Administrator (OA). The OA is HPE’s blade enclosure management module. It provides the ability to manage system power, partition the system, and monitor component inventory and health. re …

[Video] 500-Level Guide to Career Internals

Publié le 9 septembre 2016 sur

This week at the 24 Hours of PASS: Summit Preview Edition, I was honored to give a one-hour session about hacking your career. Here’s the abstract: This is not yet another career session that tells you to be friendly and network. Forget that …

DBA Days: Pre-maintenance Window Rituals

Publié le 9 septembre 2016 sur

Like a DBA batter’s box While we were hanging out in between webcasts at Dell, we got to talking about stuff we used to do before maintenance windows. Things that brought us good luck, warded off blue screens and failed patches, and just generall …

The Basics of Biml – the Execute SQL Task

Publié le 9 septembre 2016 sur

A couple years ago, I wrote a series of guest posts about the Basics of SSIS for my friend Pinal Dave’s [ Blog | @pinaldave ] popular blog, SQL Authority . In that series, I pointed out that I use only a handful of SSIS Control Flow tasks when de …

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