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[Video] Office Hours 2018/02/28 (With Transcriptions)

Publié le 4 mars 2018 sur

This week, Erik, Tara, and Richie discuss cloning databases without 3rd party software, tips for upgrading from 2005 to 2017, archiving databases, partitioning databases, version control, SQL Server settings, SSRS, moving database from stand-alone serv …

How to Shrink TempDB Without SQL Server Restart? – Interview Question of the Week #163

Publié le 4 mars 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

Question: How to Shrink TempDB Without SQL Server Restart? Answer: During recent On Demand (55 minutes) consulting engagement, I was tasked with this task. When the organization reached out to me, I asked what could be the reason they want me to b …

Scripting the Description of Database Tables Using Extended Properties

Publié le 3 mars 2018 sur

You can make all the difference to the ease of the task of developing a database by using Extended Properties as documentation. Why aren’t they universally used? Because they are a pain to script and maintain. I’ve spent too long enduring t …

SQL SERVER – The Automatically Saved Settings file NewSettings.vssettings Cannot be Found

Publié le 3 mars 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

After cleaning up some data from my user profile, when I launched SQL Server Management Studio 17.4, I got an error. related to automatically saved settings. Here is the text of the message. The automatically saved settings file ‘c:users<UserN …

Of Windowing Functions And Where Clauses

Publié le 2 mars 2018 sur

Seen One, Seen’em All This isn’t about indexing! I promise. In fact, I’ve dropped all my indexes for this. It’s just that, well, I’ve seen this happen with two clients in a row, so maybe it’s time to blog about it. I …

The top 7 benefits of DevOps for CEOs

Publié le 2 mars 2018 sur

If you were asked what the benefits of DevOps are, you could probably name two or three straight away. Maybe four or five. But – and here’s the thing – what if the person down the corridor was asked the same question? Someone who work …

SQL SERVER – Puzzle – How Does Table Qualifier Work in INSERT Statement?

Publié le 2 mars 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

Today’s puzzle is very interesting and I am confident that you will find that very interesting. Today’s puzzle is about Table Qualifier. I have not talked about this subject on my blog for a while, and I feel confident that you will like it …

New CPU Microcode Updates for Intel Processors

Publié le 1 mars 2018 sur - glen berry

Intel has released a new round of CPU microcode updates that address the Spectre variant #2 CPU vulnerability that now include older processor microarchitectures (all the way back to Haswell). There is always a delay between when Intel makes these upda …

Pop Quiz: Can You Use Your Monitoring Tool?

Publié le 1 mars 2018 sur

In the free 30-minute intro calls I do about our SQL Critical Care®, one of the questions I ask is, “Do you have a monitoring tool? And if so, what has it told you about the root cause of the problems you’re facing?” I either hear …

PASS Marathon GDPR in partnership with Redgate

Publié le 1 mars 2018 sur

This special edition of the PASS Marathon series will focus on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You’ll learn how the legislation impacts SQL Server data professionals around the globe and practical steps you can take to help ensure …

Staying Current on Power BI Dashboards

Publié le 1 mars 2018 sur

Power BI Dashboards can be kept current using simple DAX formulas in your data models. Save yourself time and energy by understanding how dashboard tiles work on and what can be done to set your dashboards to a current period.

Object Security in Analysis Services Tabular 2017

Publié le 1 mars 2018 sur

Koen Verbeeck looks at how to hide tables or columns in Analysis Services Tabular 2017 for certain users so they are not able to use them in reports or query them. How to fix SQL Server disk I/O bottlenecks (without a hammer)In this new article, Simple …

SQL SERVER – Why SQL Server Service is Stuck in Starting / Change Pending State?

Publié le 1 mars 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

Recently, I wrote a blog about “Change Pending” state of SQL Server service. After looking at that blog one of my readers contacted me via email for the “similar” issue. In this blog, we would learn about another variation of …

First Responder Kit Release: SQLBits was pretty awesome but now I have to do work again

Publié le 28 février 2018 sur

APRIL FOOLS! IT’S ONLY MARCH FIRST! Tomorrow. Butthead. You can download the updated here. sp_Blitz Improvements #1407: @parlevjo2 gave us a check to make sure databases are owned by an existing user. Existenc …

Adaptive Joins, Memory Grant Feedback, and Stored Procedures

Publié le 28 février 2018 sur

Not Exactly The Catchiest Name There’s a TL;DR here, in case you don’t feel like reading the whole darn thing. Batch mode memory grant feedback works with stored procedures It takes several runs to adjust upwards to a final number It seems …

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