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Why Your Biggest Query Plans Don’t Show Up in Some DMVs

Publié le 2 juin 2017 sur

SQL Server has three ways to get execution plans from the plan cache: sys.dm_exec_query_plan – around since SQL Server 2005 sys.dm_exec_text_query_plan – added in 2005 SP2 sys.query_store_plan – new in SQL Server 2016 And th …

Intel Active Management Technology Vulnerability

Publié le 2 juin 2017 sur

Certain Intel processors have a security vulnerability that you can read about at the Intel site or at the NIST Computer Security Resource Center . Make certain that you install the latest version of the Intel vulnerability analyzer which as of today w …

New Data Driven Podcast: Lynn Langit’s Excellent Data Adventure

Publié le 2 juin 2017 sur

Frank La Vigne and I are launching Data Driven this week. We are honored Lynn Langit ( website | LinkedIn Learning ) agreed to be our third guest! Lynn was an awesome guest! We talked about how data science is being used for bioinformatics and genomics …

Free ebook: Stairway to SQL Server XML

Publié le 2 juin 2017 sur

Free download to all Simple Talk users. XML has been part of the SQL Standard since 2003, and is essential for any DBA because so many of the dynamic management views return XML data. Now that the industry is more used to data defined by document marku …

Database DevOps Training

Publié le 2 juin 2017 sur

This is aimed at anyone responsible for SQL Server schema changes. The course teaches how to manage database changes throughout their lifecycle, helping to deliver more frequently and more reliably. London, September 25 – 27 2017.

News for Differential Backup

Publié le 2 juin 2017 sur

 SQL Server 2017 brings several improvements to us. Sometimes a simple new field in a DMV can turn possible interesting new functionalities. That’s what happens with differential backup in SQL Server 2017.   The DMV sys.dm_db_file_space …

SQL SERVER – Alternate to AGENT_DATETIME Function

Publié le 2 juin 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

Sometimes back I posted about interesting function AGENT_DATETIME functions which will convert integers into datetime values. Someone commented that there might be some permission issues using this function which is only available in msdb database. So …

Statistics in SQL: The Kruskal–Wallis Test

Publié le 1 juin 2017 sur

A lot of things in life happen almost entirely by chance. You have to make a judgement whether the report you are creating shows sheer chance or whether it is due to some real difference. If you have a test that gives you a reasonable estimate of the l …

SQL Updates Newsletter–May 2017

Publié le 1 juin 2017 sur

  I missed posting the last few months of these but here is the latest update about the monthly newsletter that a good friend of mine (Fany Carolina Vargas) from Microsoft puts together each month. This shows a whole host of goodies related to SQL …

Logical Errors And Query Performance

Publié le 1 juin 2017 sur

Is that a nice way of saying typo? People will often tell you to clearly alias your tables, and they’re right. It will make them more readable and understandable to whomever has to read your code next, puzzling over the 52 self joins and WHERE cl …

New Data Driven Podcast: Nick Harris on the Business Impact of Data

Publié le 1 juin 2017 sur

Frank La Vigne and I are launching Data Driven this week. We are honored Nick Harris, Corporate Strategist for McKesson Medial agreed to be our second guest! Nick, Frank, and I have been friends for a dozen years and it shows as the interview progresse …

Performance Myths : Truncate Can’t Be Rolled Back

Publié le 1 juin 2017 sur

Derik Hammer sets out to disprove another pervasive performance myth : TRUNCATE is faster than DELETE because it isn’t logged and can’t be rolled back.

The language of DevOps ROI

Publié le 1 juin 2017 sur

How do you quantify the value of DevOps? The answer might depend on what value actually means for your organization, which stakeholder you’re talking to, and what type of lens they’re looking through. How to fix SQL Server disk I/O bottlene …

PowerShell Scripting to Replicate Cloud & SaaS Data to SQL Server

Publié le 1 juin 2017 sur

Using a CData DataCmdlet and sqlps to replicate data from Google Spreadsheets to a SQL Server database in PowerShell

SQL SERVER – Master Database in Single User Mode – A Serious Issue

Publié le 1 juin 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

There are some weird situations which I see in SQL Server. This is also a one of the surprising situation. One of my clients reported via below screen shot. Let us see the issue of Master Database in Single User Mode. Interesting enough, there was no i …

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