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SQL Provision Makes Light Work of Compliance

Publié le 28 février 2019 sur

With SQL Provision it takes seconds to spin up database copies for dev and test, with whatever level of protection you need – masked data, unmasked data, or synthetic data sets. This means you can meet the needs of DevOps while ensuring your data …

SQL SERVER – How to Drop All the Hypothetical Indexes of Database?

Publié le 28 février 2019 sur journey to sqlauthority

Earlier I wrote a blog post SQL SERVER – Say No To Database Engine Tuning Advisor and I got an email from my existing client where I frequently engage for Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. They wanted me to help them remove all the …


Publié le 27 février 2019 sur - paul randall

Last week I blogged about Using the Wait Statistics Report in Azure Data Studio, using a Linux VM in Azure as an example host. As that was my first time running wait stats analysis on a Linux host, I found that the PREEMPTIVE_OS_FLUSHFILEBUFFERS wait w …

Where do I file bugs and feature requests for Microsoft Data Platform products?

Publié le 27 février 2019 sur

It’s not just you: it’s hard for all of us to figure out where to go when we find a bug or want to add a feature. Here’s a quick rundown: Azure Data Studio – open an issue in the Github repo. While you open an issue, Github …

Updating Rows in Incremental Loads – Level 4 of the Stairway to Integration Services

Publié le 27 février 2019 sur

Part four of this stairway series examines the process of updating the data in an existing table in a load. MVP Andy Leonard talks about the way in which packages can handle changes in a repeatable fashion.

Verify File Exists Using PowerShell

Publié le 27 février 2019 sur

In this tip we look at a PowerShell script that can be used to compare actual files that exist against a list of files that should exist for a project to identify any missing files.

Monitoring Azure SQL Database with SQL Monitor

Publié le 27 février 2019 sur

SQL Monitor provides a full suite of monitoring specific to Azure SQL Database and SQL Elastic Pools. You can therefore use it to monitor all your databases, regardless of whether they are on local physical servers or virtual machines, or in the Azure …

SQL SERVER – SQL Service Not Getting Started Automatically After Server Reboot While Using gMSA Account

Publié le 27 février 2019 sur journey to sqlauthority

This was the first experiment with gMSA account in my lab and I faced an interesting issue. In my lab environment, I have a complete domain server and member servers. Once I configured gMSA for SQL Server service and restarted the machine, SQL Service …

There’s a bottleneck in Azure SQL DB storage throughput.

Publié le 26 février 2019 sur

As you pay more for Business Critical Azure SQL DB servers, they’re supposed to get more storage throughput. The documentation on this is kinda hard to read, but boiling it down, for every core you add to a Gen5 server, you’re supposed …

What are Inline Indexes?

Publié le 26 février 2019 sur

Usually, the added features of the CREATE TABLE syntax in new releases of SQL Server are esoteric, and unless you are dealing with memory-optimized tables or other esoteric stuff, they aren’t of great interest. However, the Inline INDEX for both …

Monitoring the Number of Connections

Publié le 26 février 2019 sur

Monitoring your SQL Server is important. This article examines one of the metrics you might want to keep an eye on. How to fix SQL Server disk I/O bottlenecks (without a hammer)In this new article, Simple-Talk editor Tony Davis explains step-by-step ho …

Getting Approximate Count in Microsoft SQL Server

Publié le 26 février 2019 sur

Sometimes performance is more important than exact accuracy. Learn how to get an approximate count in SQL Server with better performance.

SQL SERVER – Error: 18456, State 149 – Login-based Server Access Validation Failed With an Infrastructure Error. Login Lacks Connect Endpoint Permission

Publié le 26 février 2019 sur journey to sqlauthority

Sometimes while reproducing a situation results in another new error and I get an idea for a new blog. In this blog we would talk about an error Login-based server access validation failed with an infrastructure error. Login lacks connect endpoint perm …

Intel Cascade Lake-SP Specifications Leaked!

Publié le 25 février 2019 sur - glen berry

As the upcoming Intel Cascade Lake-SP server processors are getting closer to their official release date (which my sources tell me is April 2, 2019), some more specifications are starting to leak out. The Cascade Lake-SP Leak Not directly from Intel, …

Introduction to SQL Server Security — Part 3

Publié le 25 février 2019 sur

The series so far: Introduction to SQL Server Security — Part 1 Introduction to SQL Server Security — Part 2 Introduction to SQL Server Security — Part 3 Microsoft introduced contained databases in SQL Server 2012. A contained databas …

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