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Azure SQL Database – Implementing Azure AD Authentication

Publié le 10 novembre 2016 sur

Marcin Policht focuses on the specifics of using Azure Active Directory to authenticate to Azure SQL Database.

SQL SERVER – Unable to bring resource online. Error – Data source name not found and no default driver specified

Publié le 10 novembre 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

One of my blog readers reported a strange issue to me. As per the issue described, they were unable to bring SQL Server resource in cluster online, only on one node of the cluster. I always use for error messages, but they said that SQL resource goes t …

Don’t Expect Good Decisions from Bad Data

Publié le 9 novembre 2016 sur

Bad Data Bad Decisions read more

Can Indexes My Query Doesn’t Use Help My Query?

Publié le 9 novembre 2016 sur

This came up during Office Hours And I love questions like this, because they reveal some interesting underpinnings of how the cardinality estimator works. It was something along the lines of “I have a slow query, and when I add an index the quer …

Find and Remove Duplicate Rows from a SQL Server Table

Publié le 9 novembre 2016 sur

Though duplicate rows are bad practice, sometimes they’re necessary for a short time. But how do you clean your tables when they’re no longer needed? Sergey Gigoyan provides a few different solutions.

Stairway to Biml Level 6 – Programming with Metadata

Publié le 9 novembre 2016 sur

In this next level of the Stairway to Biml, learn how metadata makes your Biml code more efficient and helpful in generating packages.

Cloud Consulting Pre-Engagement Questionnaire – A Bookmark

Publié le 9 novembre 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

The cloud phenomenon is no more a dream for many, but a reality for several customers I have been working with. Many of my customers are looking for guidance and from time to time I get an opportunity to have some deep constructive discussions. These d …


Publié le 9 novembre 2016 sur

The information technology field is full of obfuscation. There are many three letter acronyms, including the meta three letter acronym TLA. Now in the era of Big Data and Cloud, we have four letter acronyms, what I call FLAS, two of which are ACID and …

Announcing our Black Friday 2016 Sales!

Publié le 8 novembre 2016 sur

Every year on Black Friday (the first Friday after Thanksgiving), we have a little fun here and celebrate the same way other stores do. Here’s the sales we’re running this year: 5 $1 seats will be available in each of our 4-day online …

Using OVER() to Remove Duplicate Rows

Publié le 8 novembre 2016 sur

Tables used purely for reporting sometimes lack a unique identifier. Find out how to remove duplicates from such a table when data loads go bad. How to fix SQL Server disk I/O bottlenecks (without a hammer)In this new article, Simple-Talk editor Tony D …

How I prepare for a presentation

Publié le 8 novembre 2016 sur

Some people say I talk a lot – but I guess it depends on the context. Certainly, for many years, I’ve been fairly comfortable about standing up in front of people and explaining things. Whether it’s teaching a course, leading a worksh …

SQL SERVER – Added New Node in Windows Cluster and AlwaysOn Availability Databases Stopped Working

Publié le 8 novembre 2016 sur journey to sqlauthority

Almost all the time, whenever there is a wizard, it’s a human habit to go with the defaults and finally click finish. Once of my client sent below email to me. In this blog post we are going to learn about Added New Node in Windows Cluster a …

SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries for November 2016

Publié le 7 novembre 2016 sur - glen berry

This month, I have added several new queries to SQL Server 2016 set, along with adding additional comments and documentation in the SQL Server 2012, 2014 and 2016 sets. I have gotten quite a bit of interest about making a special version of these queri …

[Video] Office Hours 2016/11/02 (With Transcriptions)

Publié le 7 novembre 2016 sur

This week, Brent, Richie, Tara, and Erik discuss vendor licensing, rebuilding indexes, analysis services, using trace flag 174, and the team’s PASS Summit impressions and highlights. Here’s the video on YouTube: You can register to attend …

SSC 2016 User Survey and Competition

Publié le 7 novembre 2016 sur

What do you want to see more of on SQL Server Central? Anything you think we should get rid of? Let us know in this 17-question user survey, and at the end you can choose to be entered into a draw to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Thanks to everyone who’ …

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