Updated First Responder Kit and Consultant Toolkit for May 2024

If you’ve hard-coded installer file names, there’s a big change in this release. There are now just 2 installer scripts: Install-All-Scripts.sql, and a new Install-Azure.sql, which only installs the scripts that are compatible with Azure SQL DB. The old Install-Core scripts are gone because we’ve deprecated sp_AllNightLog, sp_BlitzInMemoryOLTP, and sp_BlitzQueryStore. Read on for why.

Wanna watch me use it? Take the class.

To get the new version:

Download the updated FirstResponderKit.zip Azure Data Studio users with the First Responder Kit extension:
ctrl/command+shift+p, First Responder Kit: Import. PowerShell users: run Install-DbaFirstResponderKit from dbatools Get The Consultant Toolkit to quickly export