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The dbcc clonedatabase is a​​ handy command to clone metadata and​​ information such as​​ query disk store.​​ ​​ Then​​ you can​​ use the​​ database​​ for various​​ activities, usually reporting​​ -​​ “Performance Tuning with Query Store in SQL Server and Azure”​​ 

SQL Server Books Online documentation for​​ clonedatabase​​ contains a special note​​ that I want to focus this post on.


“The new database generated from DBCC CLONEDATABASE is primarily intended for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes. In order for the cloned database to be supported for use as a production database, the VERIFY_CLONEDB option must be used.”


I have been testing​​ SQL Server​​ High Availability failovers​​ in combination with database creates and drops, including