Released: Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 2.1.2

We have released an update to Microsoft.Data.SqlClient, version 2.1.2. The update addresses several issues that are important to our customers.


Updates in Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 2.1.2 include:



Fixed issue connecting with instance name from a Linux/macOS environment #874Fixed wrong results issues by changing the timeout timer to ensure a correct execution state #929Fixed a vulnerability by prohibiting DtdProcessing on XmlTextReader instances in .NET Core #885Fixed Kerberos authentication when an SPN does not contain the port #935Fixed missing error messages in Managed SNI #883Fixed missing System.Runtime.Caching dependency for .NET Standard assemblies #878Fixed event source tracing issues #941Fixed MARS header contains errors issue against .NET Framework 4.8.1 #928


To get the new package, add a NuGet reference to Microsoft.Data.SqlClient in your application.