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Apple Is Said to Target Rear-Facing 3-D Sensor for 2019 IPhone

Publié le 15 novembre 2017 sur

Apple Inc. is working on a rear-facing 3-D sensor system for the iPhone in 2019, another step toward turning the handset into a leading augmented-reality device, according to people familiar with the plan.

Five Must-Have Microsoft Productivity Apps for your iOS and Android Devices

Publié le 14 novembre 2017 sur

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile platform is moving towards extinction but that doesn’t mean there are no options for being productive on the go with Microsoft products and services.

Google's Cloud Spanner Now Spans Continents … Like It's Supposed to Do

Publié le 14 novembre 2017 sur

Company turns up technology’s unique multi-region synchronization for the cloud database service

TSQL Tuesday #96: Folks Who Have Made a Difference

Publié le 14 novembre 2017 sur - paul randall

It’s been almost three years since I wrote a T-SQL Tuesday post (shame on me!), but this is one I definitely want to contribute to. It’s hosted by Ewald Cress and is about “the opportunity to give a shout-out to people (well-know …

Amazon Agrees to Sell Some Cloud Assets to Chinese Partner

Publié le 14 novembre 2017 sur

Beijing Sinnet Technology Co. will buy servers and other unspecified “operational assets” in the country’s capital from Amazon Web Services for as much as 2 billion yuan ($302 million).

Summarizing Data Using the GROUPING SETS Operator

Publié le 14 novembre 2017 sur

Maybe you have felt overwhelmed when you’re analyzing a dataset because of its size. The best way to handle this situation is by summarizing the data to get a quick review. In T-SQL, you summarize data by using the GROUP BY clause within an aggre …

New Post: The Career Influence of Usenet Strangers (T-SQL Tuesday #096)

Publié le 14 novembre 2017 sur

Check out my new post on some of the people who helped shaped my career: The Career Influence of Usenet Strangers (T-SQL Tuesday #096)…(read more)

#TSQL2sday: Brad McGehee Made a Difference in My Career.

Publié le 14 novembre 2017 sur

For this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, Ewald asked who’s made a difference in our careers. When I first got started out in SQL Server, all I had was books and Books Online. Back then, neither of them were particularly well-indexed, nor were they u …

FAQs: Using Windows Server SAC in a Cluster; Choosing Between SAC and LTSC; Cluster Disk Witness

Publié le 14 novembre 2017 sur

Three times a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday), John Savill tackles your most pressing IT questions. Today: Windows Server in a cluster, how we choose SAC vs LTSC and requirements around cluster disk witness.

Vagrant and SQL Server 2017 on Linux

Publié le 14 novembre 2017 sur

Vagrant provides a mechanism to build and configure a virtual Linux box running SQL Server 2017

How To: Permanently Delete All User Mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

Publié le 14 novembre 2017 sur

Be warned: When you do this, data loss is permanent and you cannot recover the data. But if you still want to go ahead, here’s how.

SQL SERVER – Error While Enabling Windows Feature: NetFx3, Error Code: 2146498298

Publié le 14 novembre 2017 sur journey to sqlauthority

Due to development challenge people still use SQL 2012 in production. In one of the case a client told me that their application vendor has not approved SQL 2014 and above, so they were forced to install SQL 2012.  There were getting below error w …

USB Exploit Affects Nine Years of Intel Processors

Publié le 14 novembre 2017 sur

A security firm says that a USB exploit can be used to run unsigned code on nearly all machines with Intel inside.

5 Ways to Reduce Cloud Spending Right Now

Publié le 13 novembre 2017 sur

Keeping cloud costs under control doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Here are 5 easy ways to reduce cloud spending.

Rackspace and HPE Will Sell On-Prem Private Cloud as a Service

Publié le 13 novembre 2017 sur

Will install, manage pay-as-you-go OpenStack cloud in data center of client’s choice

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