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Cosmos DB Webinars

Publié le 5 avril 2018 sur

Microsoft has a new set of on demand webinars to teach you how to use Azure Cosmos DB. Register for them here . You can download the latest version of the Cosmos DB emulator from here . I like it because it can be used offline (great way to learn on th …


Publié le 5 avril 2018 sur

— this is my version of sp_updatestats Some of you know that SQL Server has a problem with the way statistics are sampled. Indexes in which the lead column is not unique can be adversely affected. My system procedure marks indexes which are either not …

Building SQL ConstantCare®: 10% of you have Priority Boost on.

Publié le 5 avril 2018 sur

One of my favorite things about my job is being able to take the pulse of how real companies are managing their databases. I don’t wanna be locked in an ivory tower, preaching down to you, dear reader, about how you should be doing five million t …

Scripting Tables and Procedures from SSMS

Publié le 5 avril 2018 sur

Learn how you can script specific objects from SSMS and store or update them in a git repository.

Analyze entity data flow in Power BI Desktop using Sankey charts

Publié le 5 avril 2018 sur

Siddharth Mehta looks at how and why to use Sankey charts and how this can be done in Power BI Desktop.

The Evolution of the DBA – Challenges, Changes and Upcoming Trends

Publié le 5 avril 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

What scares the DBA most besides the Text at midnight with word downtime? Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple – The changing work profile for DBA. I am fortunate that during my job as a Data Consultant, I get to visit dif …

SQLskills SQL101: Why does repair invalidate replication subscriptions?

Publié le 4 avril 2018 sur - paul randall

SQLskills has an ongoing initiative to blog about basic topics, which we’re calling SQL101. We’re all blogging about things that we often see done incorrectly, technologies used the wrong way, or where there are man …

Strongholds of Confidence: Self-Testing Your Database

Publié le 4 avril 2018 sur

This article was originally published on Clean Database Development. Software testing has always been a very important topic in professional development because software – unlike, for example, buildings – changes a lot from the first line o …

The Many Mysteries of Merge Joins

Publié le 4 avril 2018 sur

Not A Single Picture Of A Zipper Image humbly borrowed from There are some interesting things about Merge Joins, and Merge Join plans that I figured I’d blog about. Merge joins have a …

Data Modeling for Power BI available as video recorded course

Publié le 4 avril 2018 sur

The Data Modeling for Power BI training is now available as a video recorded course, including exercises!Take advantage of the launch offer until April 17, 2018.Read more about this:Why Data Modeling is important in Power BIThe new Data Modeling for Po …

Controlling Access to Azure Cosmos DB

Publié le 4 avril 2018 sur

Azure Cosmos DB offers features that facilitate data availability and resiliency. However, there is also a different, very important aspect of facilitating access to distributed data sources in the most optimal manner, which focuses on access control m …

Stairway to Biml Level 4: Using Biml as an SSIS Design Patterns Engine

Publié le 4 avril 2018 sur

In this level, we make a large leap forward, showing you how to use BIML to script a large number of packages using C#.

SQL SERVER – Upgrade Error – ALTER DATABASE Statement Not Allowed Within Multi-statement Transaction

Publié le 4 avril 2018 sur journey to sqlauthority

Most of the time applying service pack for SQL Server is a child’s play. Double click on exe, keep hitting next, next and finally press update. But when it fails, you would need an expert to fix the issue. Recently, one of my clients faced a prob …

New TPC-E Result for SQL Server 2017

Publié le 3 avril 2018 sur - glen berry

On March 31, 2018, Fujitsu submitted a new TPC-E result for a two-socket PRIMERGY RX2540 M4 system running SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Edition on Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition. The official TPC-E Throughput score was 6,606.75, which is a new reco …

SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries for April 2018

Publié le 3 avril 2018 sur - glen berry

This month, there are more minor updates to the SQL Server 2014 and newer versions of the queries, primarily in the comments and documentation. I have added some additional columns to many existing queries, and tried to get the newer versions uniformly …

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