[Video] Office Hours: SQL Server at Sunset

Let’s kick back with a tasty beverage and go through your highest-upvoted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento on the beach:

Here’s what we covered:

00:00 Introductions 00:49 Alexander Speshilov: How to determine amount of memory (RAM) used by query store? 02:23 Aslan: Merhaba Brent, in your opinion, what are the top 4 databases to administer by DBA pay scale? 04:40 Murdock: In a 2 node sync AG, should my friend let the reports read from Primary or Secondary? What if the DBs from which the reports are reading have RCSI enabled? 07:10 Tobias Fünke: Howdy Brent, we see a lot (3