Released: Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 3.0.1

We have released an update to Microsoft.Data.SqlClient, version 3.0.1. The update addresses several issues that are important to our customers.


Updates in Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 3.0.1 include:



Fixed async thread blocking issues on SqlConnection.Open() for active directory authentication modes. #1270 Fixed unknown transaction state issues when prompting delegated transaction. 1247 Fixed issue with connection encryption to ensure connections fail when encryption is required. #1233 Read more Fixed bug with LegacyRowVersionNullBehavior App Context switch. #1246 Fixed recursive calls to RetryLogicProvider when calling SqlCommand.ExecuteScalarAsync. #1245 Fixed async deadlock scenarios in web contexts with configurable retry logic provider. #1245 Fixed deadlock in transaction using .NET Framework. #1243 Fixed issue where connection goes to unusable state. #1238