Microsoft Drivers 5.10.0 Beta 1 for PHP for SQL Server Released

We recently released the next beta of the Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server, version 5.10.0-beta1. This beta release has been built with PHP 7.3+ and tested on all supported platforms.


Notable items about this release include:


Added Support for PHP 8.1 RC 1 Support for Ubuntu 21.04 and Alpine 3.13 Support for Apple M1 ARM64 hardware (requires MS ODBC Driver 17.8+) Support for Table-valued parameters Removed Dropped support for Ubuntu 16.04 Fixed Issue #1244 – use lower case for object names for PDO::lastInsertId() – pull request #1245 by morozov Pull request #1251 – simplified implementations of last insert id and quote Issue #1258 – updated pdo_sqlsrv_get_driver_methods