Commands we can use to manage SQL Server availability group on Linux Pacemaker cluster


Thanks to Jayantha Das,  who shared some of the common command we use in SQL Server on Linux Pacemaker Maker cluster. This blog contains the pacemaker settings that we can modify. Unless explicitly required it is recommended that we don’t modify the values as it can cause problem in the functionality of availability groups.


We can run “sudo pcs config” to list critical cluster configuration settings


Master: ag_cluster-master

  Meta Attrs: failure-timeout=30s notify=true

  Resource: ag_cluster (class=ocf provider=mssql type=ag)

   Attributes: ag_name=ag1

   Operations: start interval=0s timeout=60 (ag_cluster-start-interval-0s)

               stop interval=0s timeout=10 (ag_cluster-stop-interval-0s)

               promote interval=0s timeout=60