JDBC Driver 8.4 for SQL Server Released

Version 8.4 of the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server has been released. Version 8.4.0 brings many added features, changes, and fixed issues over the previous production release.


AddedAdded support for sensitivity ranking when using SQL Data Discovery and Classification #1338 #1373Added SQLServerDatabaseMetaData.getDatabaseCompatibilityLevel() API to return the database compatibility level #1345Added support for Azure SQL DNS Caching #1357Added delayed durability option to SQLServerConnection.commit() #1310Introduced SQLServerBulkCSVFileRecord.setEscapeColumnDelimitersCSV() to escape delimiters and double quotes when using bulk copy to load from CSV files #1312Added certificate expiry validation when using Always Encrypted with secure enclaves #1321Added SQL State to Exception when a connection is closed #1326Introduced extended bulk copy support against Azure Data