GA of new memory and compute optimized hardware options in Azure SQL Database

Now released for general availability (GA), M-series and Fsv2-series are new hardware generations in Azure SQL Database specialized for workloads requiring very high compute or memory scale or very fast CPU speed.  M-series and Fsv2-series are supported for both single database and elastic pool deployments.  Gen5 hardware in SQL Database continues to provide a balanced compute and memory option that is well-suited for typical workloads.   


M-series: memory optimized hardware  

M-series is a new memory optimized hardware option in SQL Database for workloads demanding more memory and higher compute limits than provided by Gen5.  M-series provides 29 GB per vcore and up to 128 vcores which increases the previous memory limit in SQL Database by 8x to nearly 4 TB.  Also, now available are smaller M-series compute sizes starting from