Schema change getting applied repeatedly every time Merge agent runs

Recently worked on an interesting case. Customer had an existing Merge Replication and it was working fine.

They added a new article to the existing Publication and ran the Snapshot Agent.

Now Every time Merge agent runs we see that Schema changes were getting re-applied.


At the start of a synchronization, the schemaversion of the subscription is checked against sysmergeschemachange by the Merge Agent, and schema changes are applied to the subscriber accordingly.


Ran these queries on the subscriber


select max(schemaversion) from sysmergeschemachange



select schemaversion, pubid, subid from sysmergesubscriptions

where pubid<>subid


schemaversion        pubid        subid

15        A0B0FAA8-22B9-4CC5-8AED-547F2EBCEB83        85CD9161-5659-42CC-A501-BB43072B0045