Released: Update to Microsoft OLE DB Driver 18 for SQL Server

OLE DB Driver 18.4 for SQL Server is released today, bringing support for Transparent Network IP Resolution and UTF-8 client-side support to the driver along with a number of fixes. The driver can be downloaded directly from Microsoft.


Changes:Added support for Transparent Network IP Resolution (TNIR)Added support for UTF-8 client encoding (UTF-8 Support in OLE DB Driver for SQL Server)Fixed:IssueDetailsFixed various issues in the ISequentialStream interfaceA few issues affecting multibyte code pages resulted in the interface prematurely reporting the end of the stream during the read operation.Fixed a memory leak in the IOpenRowset::OpenRowset interfaceFixed a memory leak in the IOpenRowset::OpenRowset interface when the SSPROP_IRowsetFastLoad property was enabled.Fixed an issue in scenarios