SQL 2019 PolyBase: Fractional Truncation Issue When Using Data Virtualization in Azure Data Studio


Consider the following scenario. You have a table in an Oracle which uses the Oracle date datatype:


create table OracleUser.table1 (c1 date);


You insert a row:


insert into OracleUser.table1 values(to_date(‘2019/12/23 18:59:59′,’yyyy/mm/dd hh24:mi:ss’));


You use the Azure Data Studio Data Virtualization extension to create a PolyBase external table in SQL Server 2019 database ‘PB19Oracle19’:



Choose Oracle


You will need to have already created the External Data Source in the EDS_PB19Oracle19 database. After that was created you will see it in the External Data Source drop down. Enter the Service name